For Whom He Tolls

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For Whom He Tolls
Directed by Randal Reeder
Produced by Jeff Grettler
Kent Fuselier
Wayne Knight
Randal Reeder
Screenplay by Jeff Grettler
Randal Reeder
Wayne Knight
Starring Lena Clark
Gina Brazell
Lije Sarki
Angela Ware
George Wilson
Kendrick Hudson
Music by Nathan Whitehead
Cinematography Larry McKee
Edited by Matthew James Hubbard
Distributed by FU Man Kru Entertainment
Nut Bucket Films
Release dates
Running time
96 minutes
Country United States
Language English

For Whom He Tolls is the 2009 psychological drama directed by Randal Reeder. The film stars Lena Clark, Gina Brazell, Lije Sarki, Angela Ware and George Wilson. The project was executive produced by Kent Fuselier and Patti Chavez. The film was shot almost concurrently during the remake of Boggy Creek, being shot in neighboring Uncertain, Texas and the theatrical filming of the movie Bernie in Carthage, starring Matthew McConaughey, a native of nearby Longview, Texas, Richard Linklater, Shirley Mclain, and Jack Black.

The film received awards in the Honolulu International Film Festival as well as in the Mexico International Film Festival.

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