For the Love of Strange Medicine

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For the Love of Strange Medicine
Studio album by Steve Perry
Released July 19, 1994
Genre Rock
Label Columbia
Next Plateau Entertainment
Producer James Barton, Steve Perry, Tim Miner
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For the Love of Strange Medicine
Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars [1]

For The Love Of Strange Medicine is the second solo album by Steve Perry, released on July 19, 1994. After a lengthy 8-year hiatus following the breakup of Journey, and a shelved 1988 solo effort later titled Against the Wall, Perry returned to the spotlight with this album. The first single "You Better Wait" received major radio airplay and reached the top 10 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in the U.S. The album was followed by a tour in 1994-1995.

The song "Young Hearts Forever" was written by Perry as a tribute to his late friend, Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott, who died in 1986.

The album was certified as gold (500,000) in sales by the RIAA, as of September 1994.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "You Better Wait" (Perry, Lincoln Brewster, Paul Taylor, Moyes Lucas, John Pierce, George Hawkins) - 4:51
  2. "Young Hearts Forever" (Perry, Clif Magness) - 4:43
  3. "I Am" (Perry, Taylor, Brewster) - 4:54
  4. "Stand Up (Before It's Too Late)" (Perry, Brewster, Taylor, Lucas, Larry Kimpel) - 4:49
  5. "For the Love of Strange Medicine" (Perry, Taylor, Lucas, Brewster) - 5:52
  6. "Donna Please" (Perry, Taylor, Stephen Bishop) - 4:02
  7. "Listen to Your Heart" (Perry, Taylor, Brewster, Lucas) - 3:31
  8. "Tuesday Heartache" (Perry, Magness, Taylor, Brewster, Lucas) - 6:00
  9. "Missing You" (Perry, Tim Miner) - 3:48
  10. "Somewhere There's Hope" (Perry, Taylor, Brewster, Lucas) - 6:05
  11. "Anyway" (Perry) - 4:20
  12. "If You Need Me, Call Me" (Steve Perry, Craig Krampf, Richard Michaels, Steve DeLacey) - 5:50 *
  13. "One More Time" (Perry, Brewster) - 3:32 *
  14. "Can't Stop" (Perry, Randy Goodrum, Michael Landau) - 4:08 *
  15. "Friends of Mine" (Perry, J. Leo, Goodrum, Krampf) - 3:30 *
  16. "Missing You (Live in San Francisco 12/9/94)" (Perry, Miner) - 4:13 *
  • Tracks 12 - 16 are bonus tracks on the 2006 CD reissue.
  • Track 12 is a 1994 re-recording of a song of Perry's pre-Journey band, Alien Project.
  • Track 13 is an unreleased outtake also from 1994.
  • Tracks 14 and 15 are previously unreleased tracks from the 1988 unfinished Against the Wall album.


  • Steve Perry Copyright Street Talk Tunes. Lincoln Brewster Copyright Lincoln Brewster Music. Paul Taylor Copyright Paul Taylor Music Ltd. Moyes Lucas Copyright Jortunes. John Pierce Copyright Bob-A-Lew Songs. George Hawkins Copyright Ragged Music. Clif Magness Copyright Magnified Music/WB Music Corp. Larry Kimpel Copyright Jazz 'N Dance. Stephen Bishop Copyright Blue Innuendo Music & Careers-BMG Music. Tim Miner Copyright Love Jones Music.


The following singles were released from the album, with the highest charting positions listed.

# Title Date Hot 100 CAN
1. "You Better Wait" 1994 29
2. "Missing You" 1994 74


  • Steve Perry - vocals
  • Lincoln Brewster - guitars, background vocals
  • Paul Taylor- keyboards, background vocals
  • Moyes Lucas - drums, background vocals
  • Larry Kimpel - bass on "You Better Wait", "Young Hearts Forever", "Stand Up", "Somewhere There's Hope"
  • Mike Porcaro - bass on "Young Hearts Forever", "I Am", "For the Love of Strange Medicine", "Donna Please", "Listen to Your Heart"
  • Phil Brown - bass on "Tuesday Heartache"
  • Jeremy Lubbock, James Barton, Phil Brown - string arrangement on "I Am"
  • Tim Miner - bass, piano, keyboards & background vocals on "Missing You", bass & piano on "Anyway"
  • Larry Dalton - string arrangement & conductor on "Missing You"
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra - strings on "Missing You"
  • Michael Landau - guitars on "Anyway"
  • Alexander Brown, Carmen Carter, Jean McClain - backing vocals on "Stand Up" and "Somewhere There's Hope"


  • Tracks 1-4, 7, 8, 10 and 11 Produced and Recorded by James "Jimbo" Barton; Production Assistant: Phil Brown
  • Tracks 5 & 6 Produced By James Barton & Steve Perry
  • Track 9 Produced By Perry & Tim Miner
  • All Songs Recorded by James Barton, except track 9 (recorded by Tim Kimsey)
  • Assistant and Second Recording Engineers: Devin Foutz, Manny Marroquin, Kyle Ross, Ulrich Wild, Rail Jon Rogut and Bill Cooper, Christopher C. Murphy
  • All Songs Mixed By Craig Burbidge except tracks 1, 2 & 6, which were mixed by Niko Bolas
  • Digital Editing: Brian Lee
  • Mastered By Bob Ludwig