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Developer(s) Salesforce
Operating system n/a
Type Web productivity tools
License Proprietary
Website is a cloud computing platform as a service system from,[1] that developers use to build multitenant applications hosted on their servers as a service.[2]

According to a September, 2009 Gartner Group report,[3] had over 1,000 customer accounts, in addition to tens of thousands that used in conjunction with uses eight data centers, with each customer fully contained in a single data center that is replicated for availability.[citation needed]

Several criticisms of's integrated development environment and developer friendliness have been made,[citation needed] including lack of support for multiple developers, speed problems with developing on the cloud, and a failure to properly separate from The platform has been described[by whom?] as having potential but currently only appropriate for customers who want to extend Salesforce, not for independent developers who want to use as a standalone platform.

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