Ford ATX transmission

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Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Also called FLC
Production 1981-1994
Body and chassis
Class 3-speed transverse automatic transaxle
Successor F-4EAT

The FLC-"Fluid Link Converter"- ATX was a 3-speed hydraulic automatic transaxle produced by Ford Motor Company from 1981 through 1994. Used in the company's four-cylinder-powered cars ranging from the Escort to the Taurus, the transaxle had a lockup torque converter, but no overdrive. It was controlled by a throttle or "kickdown" cable, the speedometer used an air powered cable, and had no computer controls.

With the four-cylinder Taurus excised from the lineup after 1991, and with the addition of the new, computer controlled, 4-speed F-4EAT from Mazda, for the Ford Escort/Mercury Tracer, the original FLC continued in production solely for the Tempo and Topaz until those cars were discontinued in 1994.

1 2 3 R
2.84:1 1.54:1 1.00:1 2.33:1


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