Ford Bridgend Engine Plant

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Ford Bridgend Engine Plant
Built 1977
Location Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom
Coordinates 51°29′39″N 3°32′04″W / 51.494049°N 3.534508°W / 51.494049; -3.534508Coordinates: 51°29′39″N 3°32′04″W / 51.494049°N 3.534508°W / 51.494049; -3.534508
Industry Automotive
Products CVH engine (1980-2000)
Zetec-E (Zeta) engine (1992-2004)
EcoBoost engine (2009-present)
Employees 1,980
Area 1,525,270 square feet (141,702 m2)
Address +44(0)1656 672300

The Ford Bridgend Engine Plant is a manufacturing facility of Ford of Europe, located in Bridgend, Wales in the United Kingdom.

After signing an investment deal with the Welsh Development Agency, construction was started on the greenfield site in 1977. The 1,525,270 square feet (141,702 m2) plant began production in 1980, and specialises in producing petrol engines. Its first product was the CVH engine used in the then new third generation European Escort of that year.

The plant currently produces the following Ford products:

Jaguar engine plant[edit]

Jaguar Land Rover have a "plant-within-a-plant" at Bridgend, which saved considerable investment costs by JLR. Staffed by workers dedicated to Jaguar production of the AJ-V8 engine, it includes a linked flow-line of computer numerically controlled machines with automated loading and assembly. Component supply is on a "just-in-time" basis. [4][5][6][7]


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