Ford D3 platform

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Ford D3 Platform
Lincoln MKS -- 01-13-2010.jpg
Lincoln MKS, current flagship model of Lincoln division
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Production Ford D3: 2005–present
Assembly Ford: Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Assembly)
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size car
Full-size car
Full-size luxury car
Layout Front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive
Body style(s) 4-door Sedan
5-door Station wagon
5-door Full-size CUV
5-door Mid-size SUV
Vehicles See listing
Related Ford D4 platform
Predecessor Ford Panther platform
Ford D186 platform

The Ford D3 platform is a Ford global full-size unibody automobile platform. It is derived from Volvo's P2 , designed by the automaker before its 1999 acquisition by Ford, and adaptable to front- or all wheel drive on a variety of wheelbases.


Ford's D3 platform is slightly different from Volvo's original P2. For example, D3 features steel suspension arms, rather than aluminum, and other material cost-saving measures. Volvo developed the P2 on several wheelbases, as opposed to the use of a common wheelbase among all versions of the Ford D3 chassis.

Ford assembles all D3-platform vehicles at the Chicago Assembly plant in Chicago, Illinois, while Volvos are built at the company's Torslanda Works in Gothenburg, Sweden.


D4 is a revision of D3 unibody platform created to underpin crossover SUVs and adaptable to several different wheelbases. It forms the basis of the Ford Flex, Lincoln MKT, and Ford Explorer, which moved from a body-on-frame chassis to the D4 in 2011.


Vehicle Name Image Production Bodystyle(s) Model Code Notes
D3 platform vehicles (Ford, Lincoln-Mercury)
Ford Five Hundred
Ford Taurus
2005-2007 (Five Hundred)
2008-2009 (Taurus)
4-door sedan D258 Five Hundred re-branded as Taurus in 2008
Ford Taurus 2013 Ford Taurus SHO -- 2012 DC.JPG 2010–present 4-door sedan Also branded as Ford Police Interceptor Sedan
Ford Freestyle
Ford Taurus X
Ford Freestyle SEL.jpg
2008 Ford Taurus X SEL.jpg
2005-2007 (Freestyle)
2008-2009 (Taurus X)
5-door crossover SUV D219 Freestyle re-branded as Taurus X in 2008.
Mercury Montego
Mercury Sable
2005-07 Mercury Montego.jpg
2008 Mercury Sable Premier.jpg
4-door sedan D333 Montego re-branded as Sable in 2008.
2008 Sable was the last new car design introduced by Mercury brand.
Lincoln MKS '13 Lincoln MKS (MIAS '12).JPG 2009–present 4-door sedan D385
D4-platform vehicles (Ford, Lincoln)
Ford Flex 2013 Ford Flex -- 07-11-2012.JPG 2009–present 5-door crossover SUV D471 Replaced Ford Taurus X
Lincoln MKT 2010 Lincoln MKT -- NHTSA 2.jpg 2010–present 5-door crossover SUV D472 Livery version branded as MKT Town Car.
Ford Explorer Ford Explorer 3.5 V6 AWD Limited (V) – Frontansicht, 10. September 2011, Düsseldorf.jpg 2011–present 5-door crossover SUV U502 First version of the Explorer built with unibody construction.

Also branded as Ford Police Interceptor Utility.

Concept cars[edit]

Ford Explorer America (concept car)