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Ford ED Falcon
1993-1994 Ford ED Falcon GLi station wagon 03.jpg
Ford ED Falcon GLi wagon
Also called Ford ED Fairmont
Production August 1993 – August 1994
Body and chassis
Body style 4-door sedan
5-door wagon

4.0L SOHC 148 kW (198 bhp) L6
4.0L SOHC 161 kW (216 bhp) L6

5.0L OHV 165 kW (221 bhp) V8
5.0L OHV 195 kW (261 bhp) V8
Wheelbase Sedan:2794 mm
Length Sedan: 4811 mm
Wagon:5003 mm
Width 1857 mm
Height 1399 mm
Curb weight 1484kg (GLi)
1584kg (XR8 Sprint)
Predecessor Ford EB Falcon
Successor Ford EF Falcon

The Ford ED Falcon is an automobile which was produced by Ford Australia from 1993 to 1994. It replaced the Ford EB Falcon and was an evolution of that model.


The Ford ED Falcon was introduced in August 1993 [1] replacing the Ford EB Falcon,[2] which had been released in July 1991.[3] Although over 280 changes were made for the new model [2] the most obvious visual difference was a new oval shaped grille.[1] Falcon XR6 and Falcon XR8 models now featured a unique four headlight frontal treatment.[1]

Specification Levels[edit]

Base Models[edit]

The ED Falcon range starts with the GLi, a fleet oriented model. GLi models were offered in both sedan and wagon forms and had the option of either a 4.0L SOHC straight six or 5.0L OHV push-rod V8. Each GLi had 14" steel wheels with wheel covers. Standard features included power steering, adjustable steering column, remote boot lid release, smart-lock remote keyless entry and immobilisation system, AM/FM radio/cassette and plastic fuel tank. GLi models were identified by the dark grey door handles, grill, mirrors and bumper inserts.[4]

The Futura name plate was brought back replacing the "Falcon S" trim. Features the Futura offered over the GLi included body coloured door handles & mirrors, availability of 'Black Pearl' paintwork, demand wash-wipe feature on windscreen wipers (demand wipe only on GLi), ABS brakes, cruise control, full instrumentation pack (four ancillary gauges plus tachometer) with volt meter & oil pressure gauge, Digital clock, Lamps for ignition lock & map reading, 8 speaker Alpine sound system, carpeted door map pockets on front doors only, full cloth trim. Futura models shared the same engine and transmission options as the GLI with the exceptions of there being no manual transmission and no V8 option on the wagon.[5]

Options on the base models included the choice of 15" or 16" (only available with sport suspension package) alloy wheels, sunroof, rear spoiler, cruise controls (GLI), trip computer, cabin fitted hand held fire-extinguisher, smart-lock integrated car alarm and air conditioning.

Model range[edit]

The ED Falcon was offered in 4-door sedan and 5-door wagon body styles in the following models.

  • Falcon GLi sedan [1]
  • Falcon GLi wagon [1]
  • Falcon Futura sedan [1]
  • Falcon Futura wagon [1]
  • Falcon XR6 sedan [1]
  • Falcon XR6 wagon [1]
  • Falcon XR8 sedan [1]
  • Fairmont sedan [1]
  • Fairmont wagon [1]
  • Fairmont Ghia sedan [1]

Fairmont and Fairmont Ghia models were not badged or marketed as Falcons.

Limited edition models released during the life of the ED Falcon included the following:

  • Falcon Classic [1]
  • Falcon XR8 Sprint [1]

Production and replacement[edit]

Ford Australia replaced the ED Falcon with the EF Falcon in August 1994,[6] with ED production having totaled 72,571 units.[2]

See Also[edit]

  • Ford Falcon (XG) - Utility pickup and panel van of the Falcon line running concurrently with the ED series of cars and wagons


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