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Varg forebears.jpg
Directed by Marie Cachet
Produced by Marie Cachet
Written by Marie Cachet
Starring Varg Vikernes
Marie Cachet
E. Cachet
S. Cachet
T. Cachet
Narrated by Varg Vikernes
Music by Burzum
Cinematography Marie Cachet
Knut Eikrem
Varg Vikernes
Edited by Marie Cachet
Distributed by
YouTube (2014 digital issue)
Release dates 10 March 2013
Running time 1:46:47
Country France
Language English
Old Norse

ForeBears is a 2013 documentary film by Varg Vikernes and his wife Marie Cachet. The film was released in 2013. In 2014, the film was released in full on YouTube.


The film begins with footage of Varg pouring himself a drink. At one part, he spills it. Next, it is mainly composed of footage of Varg driving a Lada car from 1988 while reciting excerpts from the Egyptian Book of the Dead intercut with footage of Marie and her three children participating in ancient pagan rituals. The end consists of 10 minutes of footage of a cave while Varg recites an excerpt of the Poetic Edda set to a folk metal-style backing. This is actually the Umskiptar track "Gullaldr".

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