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Diagram showing the expansion of amnion and delimitation of the umbilicus.
Digestive system showing bile duct.png
Termination of the foregut.
Latin Praeenteron, proenteron
Carnegie stage 9
Precursor Mesenchyme
Gray's p.1101
Code TE E5.
Anatomical terminology

The foregut is the anterior part of the alimentary canal, from the mouth to the duodenum at the entrance of the bile duct. At this point it is continuous with the midgut. Pain in the foregut is typically referred to the epigastric region, just below the intersection of the ribs.

Structures of the foregut are:

Arterial supply to all these structures is from the celiac trunk, and venous drainage is by the portal venous system. Lymph from these organs is drained to the prevertebral celiac nodes at the origin of the celiac artery from the aorta.

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