Foreign Legion Recruiting Group

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Foreign Legion Recruiting Group
GRLE Unit Badge
Active July 10, 2007- Present
Country  France
Type Administration
Role Recruitment
Part of Foreign Legion Command
Headquarters Fort de Nogent, Fontenay-sous-Bois, Paris, France
Battle honours Camerone 1863
Lieutenant-colonel Norbert Simmonet
Beret badge of the Foreign Legion Recruiting Group GRLE cap insigna.png
Abbreviation GRLE

The Foreign Legion Recruiting Group (French: Groupement de recrutement de la Légion étrangère, GRLE) is an administrative unit of the French Foreign Legion responsible for recruiting volunteers to the Legion.[1]


The GRLE was created July 10, 2007 at Fort de Nogent, near Paris.[2] The new unit assumed all recruiting responsibilities which had previously be assigned to the 1st Foreign Regiment's Recruitment Division of the Foreign Legion.[2] The unit answers directly to the Foreign Legion Command.


  • Compagnie de transit de la Légion étrangère (CTLE)[2] - Transportation Company of the Foreign Legion (responsible for facilitating the transfer of Legionnaires between Metropolitan France and their overseas assignments)[2]
  • Compagnie de recruitment de la Légion étrangère (CRLE)[2] - Recruitment Company of the Foreign Legion (responsible for managing all of the Foreign Legion's recruiting efforts)[2] This company in addition to its station in Paris, also operates twelve recruiting stations around France.
Monument commemorating the Service of Fallen Legionnaires around the globe; headquarters of the French Foreign Legion at Aubagne

Information Posts[edit]

The Foreign Legion Recruiting group operates 12 (3 in Paris) recruiting posts in the following cities:[3]

  1. Lille
  2. Nantes
  3. Paris - Fort Neuf de Vincennes
  4. Paris
  5. Paris
  6. Strasbourg
  7. Bordeaux
  8. Lyon
  9. Marseilles
  10. Nice
  11. Perpignan
  12. Toulouse

Also pre-selection centers at Paris and Aubagne.[3]


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