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Foreign relations of Niue
  States that maintain diplomatic relations with Niue
  Diplomatic relations with the European Union (members not having established relations individually)

Niue maintains diplomatic relations with various other countries and multilateral organizations.

Niue is a small island country in the Pacific Ocean in a state of free association with New Zealand. The Queen in right of New Zealand is the head of state of Niue - as such Niue is part of the Realm of New Zealand.

The Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs records that in 1988 "New Zealand stated ... that its future participation in international agreements would no longer extend to ... Niue".[1] Niue was granted membership of UNESCO in 1993 and the World Health Organization in 1994. Also in 1994, the United Nations Secretariat "recognized the full treaty-making capacity ... of Niue".[1]

New Zealand retains a constitutional link with Niue in relation to citizenship, with people from Niue being citizens of New Zealand.[2]

Niue conducts bilateral relations with other countries and interacts with the international community as an independent state.[3]

Despite self-rule, New Zealand manages its defence and foreign affairs on Niue's request. Like the Cook Islands, however, Niue has begun to establish formal diplomatic relations with sovereign states. As of September 2014, 15 other states maintain diplomatic relations with Niue. China's ambassador to New Zealand, Zhang Limin, is accredited to Niue, and became the first Chinese ambassador to present his credentials there in October 2008.[4]

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International organization participation[edit]

  • In November 2011, Niue was one of the eight founding members of Polynesian Leaders Group, a regional grouping intended to cooperate on a variety of issues including culture and language, education, responses to climate change, and trade and investment.[20][21][22]

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