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The Transnistrian republic is recognized by three states with limited recognition, and is a member of one international organization, the Community for Democracy and Human Rights, that was established by these four states.

Diplomatic relations[edit]

Foreign relations of Transnistria
  diplomatic relations and recognition
  diplomatic recognition

  diplomatic representation in Transnistria without diplomatic relations and recognition[clarification needed]
Entity Date of recognition Diplomatic relations established Notes
Abkhazia Abkhazia 17 November 2006 Mutual recognition.[1] Representative office of Abkhazia in Tiraspol[2]
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Nagorno-Karabakh [when?] Mutual recognition.[3][4]
South Ossetia South Ossetia 17 November 2006 [when?] Mutual recognition.[1] Consulate of South Ossetia in Transnistria. Embassy of Transnistria in South Ossetia under construction.

Russia maintains a consulate in Transnistria, but hasn't recognized it as an independent state. During a visit to Kiev in 2010, then President Dmitri Medvedev said he supported "special status" for Transnistria and recognised the "important and stabilising" role of the Russian army.[5]

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