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Forensic Magazine
Editor-in-chief Patrice Galvin
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Circulation 9,500
Publisher Vicon Publishing, Inc.
First issue Spring 2004
Country United States
Language English

Forensic Magazine is a business-to-business magazine published by Vicon Publishing, Inc.

The first issue was published in Spring 2004. It has a circulation of more than 9,500 qualified subscribers (BPA Worldwide Membership Applied For June 2008) in both print and digital.

Published six times per year, Forensic Magazine is the leading source of information on all aspects of forensic science technology, trends, equipment, services, and laboratory design. In every issue, Forensic Magazine provides professionals working in forensic laboratories and crime scene investigation with the news and technical information they need — both in the lab and in the field. Forensic Magazine covers forensic work and science from evidence collection through processing, analysis, storage, and more. From new product announcements to timely articles, Forensic Magazine features the latest technology, its applications, and relevant information for forensic scientists, crime scene investigators, and forensic specialists. It provides information on various aspects of forensic technology, products, equipment, and laboratory design to professionals who are responsible for forensic laboratories and crime scene investigation.

In July 2009, Forensic Magazine announced that it will publish its first annual Buyer's Guide in their December/January 2010 edition.

The editorial offices of the magazine are in Amherst, New Hampshire.

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