Forests of the Night

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Forests of the Night (1993) is a science fiction novel, the first book in the Moreau series by S. Andrew Swann (aka Steven Swiniarski), published by DAW Books.

Cover of 1993 ed. of Forests of the Night

Forests of the Night is a science fiction detective story set in 2053 in Cleveland, Ohio. The story follows the private detective Nohar Rajasthan, a "moreau", Swann's term for genetically engineered animal people. Nohar is a tiger whose species was engineered to be soldiers in the Indian special forces. Nohar is hired by what appears to be a "frank" (a coinage by Swann for genetically engineered humans, a shortening of Frankenstein) to investigate the murder of a conservative anti-moreau political figure. In the course of the investigation Nohar unearths a massive conspiracy involving extraterrestrials attempting to negatively influence the technological growth of the Earth's peoples.

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