Forever (Vertical Horizon song)

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Forever is a 2005 single from the American alternative rock group, Vertical Horizon. The song was the second single from Vertical Horizon' 2003 album, Go, originally released in September 2003 through RCA Records and released by Hybrid Recordings in June 2005 as Go 2.0.[1] "Forever" was written by Vertical Horizon's lead vocalist and songwriter, Matt Scannell.

"Forever" was released nearly two years after the initial 2003 release of Go and its first single, "I'm Still Here". RCA and Vertical Horizon had mutually agreed to part ways in 2004.[1] The album was re-released by Hybrid Recordings as Go 2.0 in June 2005 with "Forever" as the second single.[1]

Chart performance[edit]

"Forever" reached number 17 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart and number 18 on Adult Top 40.[2][3]