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Fork Particle
Developer(s) Fork Particle, Inc.
Stable release 5
Operating system Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, Linux
Type Game Middleware
Website Fork Particle Official Website

Fork Particle is a computer graphics visual effects modeling and software development kit (SDK) developed and sold by Fork Particle, Inc. Fork Particle uses its real time Particle Systems technology to simulate visual effects or particle effects such as CGI explosions, fire, rain, smoke, dust, etc. Fork Particle is used in video games and visual simulation software such as a flight simulator. It has been licensed to game developers for PC, Apple Mac, Linux, Xbox 360,[1] and PlayStation 3.

Notable Fork Particle licensees include Trickstar Games,[2] Firaxis Games, THQ, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, LEGO, and Sony. Video games that have utilized Fork Particle’s technology include Empire Earth III, LEGO Universe, Splosion Man, and Sid Meier's Civilization V.[3]

Fork Particle SDK[edit]

Fork Particle's real time technology component or particle engine is meant to be integrated and used with a video game engine or computer graphics engine. Particle effects are authored by VFX artists or designers using Fork Particle’s effects modeling tool and then brought into the user’s 3D computer graphics environment or 2D computer graphics environment where these particle effects are simulated by Fork Particle’s engine in real time and displayed by the user application’s graphics engine.

The Fork Particle SDK includes these components: real time particle engine (Fork Runtime SDK), particle editor or modeling tool (Fork Particle Studio), live update for in application particle effects editing (Fork Live Tuner), and particle effects definitions batch file exporter.

Technology Partners[edit]

Fork Particle also includes incorporation or integrations with partner technologies:


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