List of former presidents of Oxford University Conservative Association

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This is a list of former Presidents of the Oxford University Conservative Association.

Year Term President College
2014 Michaelmas Rupert Cunningham Christ Church
2014 Trinity James Heywood Magdalen College
2014 Hilary Jack J Matthews University College
2013 Michaelmas Robert Greig Magdalen College
2013 Trinity Stephanie Cherrill Corpus Christi College
2013 Hilary Adam Wozniak St Edmund Hall
2012 Michaelmas George Mawhinney Oriel College
2012 Trinity Nina Fischer Corpus Christi College
2012 Hilary Miles Coates Worcester College
2011 Michaelmas James Lawson St Edmund Hall
2011 Trinity Joe Cooke (resigned his ex-Presidency once out of office) Oriel College
2011 Hilary Henry Evans Corpus Christi College
2010 Michaelmas Andrew Mason University College
2010 Trinity Natalie Shina St Peter's College
2010 Hilary Oliver Harvey Christ Church
2009 Michaelmas Alexander Elias Pembroke College
2009 Trinity Anthony Boutall St Edmund Hall
2009 Hilary Niall Gallagher Worcester College
2008 Michaelmas Ernest Bell Mansfield College
2008 Trinity Guy Levin Corpus Christi College
2008 Hilary Christopher Pickard Somerville College
2007 Michaelmas Alexander Stafford St Benet's Hall
2007 Trinity Sam Belcher St Edmund Hall
2007 Hilary Ian Wellby Keble College
2006 Michaelmas Charlie Steel Merton College
2006 Trinity Simon Clarke University College
2006 Hilary Sophie Steele Christ Church
2005 Michaelmas Christopher Ware Greyfriars
2005 Trinity Alexander Samuels University College
2005 Hilary Matthew Smith Mansfield College
2004 Michaelmas Timothy Ayles Trinity College
2004 Trinity Andrew Harper Wadham College
2004 Hilary Blair Gibbs Merton College
2003 Michaelmas Oliver Pepys Oriel College
2003 Trinity John Townsend University College
2003 Hilary Edward Tomlinson St John's College
2002 Michaelmas Marc Stoneham Merton College
2002 Trinity Jamie Gardiner Somerville College
2002 Hilary Edmund Sutton Magdalen College
2001 Michaelmas Nicholas Bennett Lincoln College
2001 Trinity Marcus Walker Oriel College
2001 Hilary William Charles Trinity College
2000 Michaelmas Gabriel Rozenberg Lincoln College
2000 Trinity Stefanie Atchinson St Hilda's College
2000 Hilary Nick Yarker New College
1999 Michaelmas Toby Boutle Magdalen
1999 Trinity Stephen Doody Balliol College
1999 Hilary Stephen Ireton Trinity College
1998 Michaelmas Neil Edmond Somerville College
1998 Trinity Nick Donavan Brasenose College
1998 Hilary Paul Stewart Thornton St Edmund Hall
1997 Michaelmas Ian Troughton & Carmel Togher Trinity College / St Hilda's College
1997 Trinity Simon Davidson Oriel College
1997 Hilary Alasdair Foster University College
1996 Michaelmas Patrick Huggard St Anne's College
1996 Trinity Ben Holland Lady Margaret Hall
1996 Hilary Adrian Blair St Hugh's College
1995 Michaelmas Gareth Haver Lady Margaret Hall
1995 Trinity Sebastian Madden Keble College
1995 Hilary Damian Collins St Benet's Hall
1994 Michaelmas Jonathan Hough St Hugh's College
1994 Trinity George Williamson Christ Church
1994 Hilary Lindy Cameron OBE Balliol College
1993 Michaelmas David Blair St Benet's Hall
1993 Trinity Christen Thompson Wadham College
1993 Hilary Giles Taylor Christ Church
1992 Michaelmas David Sefton Worcester College
1992 Trinity Daniel Hannan Oriel College
1992 Hilary Ben Williams Exeter College
1991 Michaelmas Guy Strafford Trinity College
1991 Trinity Huw Phillips St Peter's College
1991 Hilary Jacob Rees-Mogg Trinity College
1990 Michaelmas Richard Thompson Balliol College
1990 Trinity Adrian Pepper Worcester College
1990 Hilary Henry Pugh Keble College
1989 Michaelmas Jonathan Mills Keble College
1989 Trinity Sarah Wardle Lincoln College
1989 Hilary Steve Best Worcester College
1988 Michaelmas Lee Roberts Brasenose College
1988 Trinity Hugh Harper Worcester College
1988 Hilary Anthony Parsons University College
1987 Michaelmas Jeremy Hunt Magdalen College
1987 Trinity Andrew Mennear University College
1987 Hilary Jane Varley St Hugh's College
1986 Michaelmas Matthew Willsher Lincoln College
1986 Trinity Andrew Hordern Christ Church
1986 Hilary Nick Levy Worcester College
1985 Michaelmas Marc Jones Keble College
1985 Trinity Chris Saul Worcester College
1985 Hilary Nick Robinson University College
1984 Michaelmas Nick Botterill Christ Church
1984 Trinity Andrew Street Keble College
1984 Hilary Stephen Diggle St Peter's College
1983 Michaelmas Jonathan Lord Merton College
1983 Trinity John Godfrey Oriel College
1983 Hilary Richard Fuller University College
1982 Michaelmas Melvyn Stride St Edmund Hall
1982 Trinity Vivien Godfrey St Anne's College
1982 Hilary Neale Stevenson Christ Church
1981 Michaelmas Sally Littlejohn St Hugh's College
1981 Trinity Peter Halley Keble College
1981 Hilary William Hague Magdalen College
1980 Michaelmas Guy Hands Mansfield College
1980 Trinity Richard Old Trinity College
1980 Hilary Andrew Pelling New College
1979 Michaelmas John Wood Trinity College
1979 Trinity Michael Thompson Queen's College
1979 Hilary John Mackintosh, 3rd Viscount Mackintosh of Halifax Oriel College
1978 Michaelmas Steve Massey Hertford College
1978 Trinity Andrew Stuttaford Brasenose College
1978 Hilary Nicholas Leviseur [1] Magdalen College
1977 Michaelmas Jayne Digby Somerville College
1977 Trinity Dominic Grieve Magdalen College
1977 Hilary Anthony Fry Magdalen College
1976 Michaelmas Edward Bickham [2] St John's College
1976 Trinity Michael Parker Magdalen College
1976 Hilary David Walker-Smith Worcester College
1975 Michaelmas Andrew Elliott New College
1975 Trinity Nicola Perin Lady Margaret Hall
1974 Hilary John Williams Queens Colleg
1973 Michaelmas Nick Field-Johnson [3] St Edmund Hall
1973 Trinity John Dear Balliol College
1973 Hilary David Gilmour (later Sir David Gilmour, 4th Baronet) Balliol College
1972 Michaelmas Anthony Russell Pembroke College
1972 Trinity Charles Ponsonby (later Sir Charles Ponsonby, 3rd Baronet.) Christ Church
1972 Hilary Andrew Williams Christ Church
1971 Michaelmas Sarah Rippon St Anne's College
1971 Trinity Josslyn Gore-Smith (later Sir Josslyn Gore-Booth, 8th Baronet) Balliol College
1971 Hilary Nigel Turner Linacre College
1970 Michaelmas Iain Horsburg Keble College
1970 Trinity Nigel Murray Oriel College
1970 Hilary Nigel Waterson Queen's College
1970 Michaelmas Andrew Dalton Magdalen College
1969 Michaelmas David Heathcoat-Amory Christ Church
1969 Trinity Anthony Speaight Lincoln College
1969 Hilary Stephen Milligan Magdalen College
1968 Michaelmas Tim Smith St Peter's College
1968 Trinity Julian Ashby New College
1968 Hilary Mark Robinson Christ Church
1967 Michaelmas Christopher Murphy Queen's College
1967 Trinity William Waldegrave Corpus Christi College
1967 Hilary Michael Preston Exeter College
1966 Michaelmas John Nesbit St Edmund Hall
1966 Trinity Tom Veitch [4] Exeter College
1966 Hilary Anthony Bird St John's College
1965 Michaelmas Julian Paul St John's College
1965 Trinity Thomas Tickell Pembroke College
1965 Hilary John Appleby St John's College
1964 Michaelmas Paul Hitchings Queen's College
1964 Trinity Steven Dollond Lincoln College
1964 Hilary Roger Freeman Balliol College
1963 Michaelmas Lord James Douglas-Hamilton Balliol College
1963 Trinity Toby Eckersley [5] St John's College
1963 Hilary Jonathan Aitken Christ Church
1962 Michaelmas Colin Craig Corpus Christi College
1962 Trinity Tony Hart New College
1962 Hilary David Keene (Later Sir David Keene QC PC) [6][7] Balliol College
1961 Michaelmas Peter Odell Keble College
1961 Trinity Aubrey Houston-Bowden [8] Merton College
1961 Hilary John Malcolm St John's College
1960 Michaelmas John McDonnel Balliol College
1960 Trinity Phillip Whitehead Exeter College
1960 Hilary Michael Wadsworth Jesus College
1959 Michaelmas Christopher Buckmaster [9] Keble College
1959 Trinity Colin Goodwin University College
1959 Hilary Michael Kemp Keble College
1958 Michaelmas Alan Haselhurst Oriel College
1958 Trinity RP Ground Magdalen College
1958 Hilary Paul Channon Christ Church
1957 Michaelmas Tony Newton Trinity College
1957 Trinity Kenneth Baker Magdalen College
1957 Hilary Toby Jessel Balliol College
1956 Michaelmas Humphrey JF Crum-Ewing [10] Christ Church
1956 Trinity Bob Tanner Wadham College
1956 Hilary Carl Ganz University College
1955 Michaelmas Elgar Jenkins (Later Sir Elgar Jenkins) [11] St Edmund Hall
1955 Trinity Owen Leigh-Williams Brasenose College
1955 Hilary Guy Arnold St Peter's College
1954 Michaelmas John Pattison Trinity College
1954 Trinity Dennis Orde St Catherine's College
1954 Hilary Martin Morton New College
1953 Michaelmas Swinton Thomas (Later Sir Swinton Thomas)[12] Lincoln College
1953 Trinity Robin Maxwell-Hyslop Christ Church
1953 Hilary Ian McLaughlin Christ Church
1952 Michaelmas Sir Andrew Cunninghame, 11th Baronet Worcester College
1952 Trinity Robin Cooke Christ Church
1952 Hilary PBB Mayhew Balliol College
1951 Michaelmas Alasdair Morrison Balliol College
1951 EMB Robbins Somerville College
1950 Michaelmas William Rees-Mogg Balliol College
1950 Trinity David C Waddington Hertford College
1950 Hilary Ronald Watkins Exeter College
1949 Michaelmas Hon. Anthony Berry Christ Church
1949 Paul Dean
1948 Michaelmas Moira Armstrong Somerville College
1948 Trinity AL Price Keble College
1948 Hilary CJ Mandelbury New College
1947 Michaelmas Maurice Chandler Hertford College
1947 Trinity Hon. Clive Wigram Oriel College
1947 Hilary Sir Edward Boyle, 3rd Baronet Christ Church
1946 Michaelmas Margaret Roberts Somerville College
1946 Trinity EO Williams-Walker Magdalen College
1946 Hilary Stanley Moss Balliol College
1945 Michaelmas Rachel Willink Lady Margaret Hall
1945 Trinity Peter Braund Worcester College
1945 Hilary Ronald F Brown Brasenose College
1944 Mihaelmas IN Wilkinson Balliol College
1943–1944 OW Olsen Balliol College
1943–1944 AH Head Magdalen College
1942–1943 Geoffrey Rippon Brasenose College
1941–1942 George Knight St Catherine's College
1940–1941 DMA Wedderburn (Later Major D Wedderburn, murdered in Singapore)[13] Balliol College
1940–1941 JAT Douglas New College
1940–1941 Michael Kinchin-Smith [14] Christ Church
1940–1941 Robin Sanderson
1940–1941 Robin Edmunds Brasenose College
1939 Michaelmas Michael Kershaw Magdalen College
1939 Hilary Julian Amery Balliol College
1938 Trinity Hon Hugh Fraser Balliol College
1938 Hilary ERG Heath Balliol College
1937 Michaelmas ERG Heath Balliol College
1937 Trinity JRJ Kerruish Magdalen College
1937 Hilary JRJ Kerruish Magdalen College
1936 Michaelmas Patrick Anderson Worcester College
1936 Trinity Patrick Anderson Worcester College
1936 Hilary Ronald Bell Magdalen College
1935 Michaelmas Ronald Bell Magdalen College
1935 Hilary Ian Harvey Christ Church
1934 Michaelmas Michael Maclagan Trinity College
1933–1934 Keith Steel-Maitland Balliol College
1932–1933 Patrick Heathcoat-Amory (Later Captain P. Heathcoat-Amory, killed at the Battle of El Alamein[disambiguation needed]) [15] Christ Church
1931–1932 Brian Davidson New College
1930–1931 John Boyd-Carpenter Balliol College
1929–1930 Patrick Hamilton Trinity College
1928–1929 Edgar Lustgarten St John's College
1927–1928 Hon Quintin Hogg Christ Church
1926–1927 F Murthwaite How Balliol College
1925–1926 Hugh Molson New College
1924–1925 GEC Gadson Christ Church


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