Forms of address in the Russian Empire

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Exaltation - in the caste-feudal society it is a form of addressing a person of noble origin, spiritual and state servicemen to emphasize their special, privileged status in correspondence with theirs assigned title or rank.

Types of exaltation in the Russian Empire[edit]

Addressing individuals of the Imperial Family and Noble Descent[edit]

  • Your Imperial Majesty - to the Emperor of Russia
  • Your Imperial Highness - to the Grand Prince (children and grandchildren; 1797-1886 to great- and great-great-grandchildren)
  • Your Highness - to princes of the Imperial bloodline
  • Your Serenity - to dukes, to the descendants of the Imperial grandchildren, and the Serene Princes (special title)
  • Your Illustrious Highness - to princes, counts, and marquises
  • Your Nobleness - to barons, viscounts, and other nobility

Addressing individuals of their respective rank[edit]

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  • Your High Excellency - ranks of grades 1-2
  • Your Excellency - ranks of grades 3-4
  • Your High Ancestry - ranks of grade 5
  • Your High Nobleness - ranks of grades 6-8
  • Your Nobleness - ranks of grades 9-14

Addressing individuals of religious rank[edit]

  • Your Holiness - to the Patriarch
  • Your High Eminence - to Metropolitans and Archbishops
  • Your Eminence - to bishops
  • Right Reverend - to archimandrites, hegumen, and protoiereus
  • Reverend - to protodeacons and deacons

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