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Forster Music Publisher, Inc. was a major American publisher of popular songs founded in 1916 in Chicago by Fred John Adam Forster (1878–1956).[1] The company had an office in New York and its music was of the Tin Pan Alley genre. For most of its existence, the firm was located at 216 South Wabash, Chicago.


Forster founded an earlier firm, F. J. A. Forster, in 1903 as a jobber in sheet music. In 1922, Forster merged F. J. A. Forster with Forster Music Publisher, Inc.[2]

Selected publications[edit]

Songs by Charles L. Johnson

  • Butterflies: Caprice (1908)
  • Teasing the Cat (1916)
  • Monkey-Bizniz: Novelty for Piano (1928)
  • Pink Poodle One Step (1914)
  • Blue Goose Rag (Johnson uses the pseudonym Raymond Birch) (1916)

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