Fort Benghisa

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Fort Benghisa is a fortification on the island of Malta. It stands on high ground on the seaward face of Benghisa point, the southern arm of Marsaxlokk Bay. It is a Polygonal fort and was built by the British.

The fort was the last polygonal fort built in Malta, built in 1909.

The gatehouse, and the shoreward ditch are in fair repair.

Fort Benghisa is one of a ring of forts and batteries that protected Marsaxlokk harbour, along with Fort Delimara and Fort Tas-Silg on Delimara point the north arm of Marsaxlokk Bay, Fort St Lucian on Kbira point in the middle of Marsaxlokk bay, and the Pinto and Ferreti batteries on the shores of Marsaxlokk Bay.

The fort is in private hands and the interior of the fort is inaccessible.

Coordinates: 35°48′30″N 14°31′56″E / 35.80833°N 14.53222°E / 35.80833; 14.53222