Fort Bidwell Indian Community of the Fort Bidwell Reservation of California

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Group photograph sitting on the porch, at Fort Bidwell Reservation, c. 1924

The Fort Bidwell Indian Community of the Fort Bidwell Reservation of California is a federally recognized tribe of Northern Paiute Indians in Modoc County in the northeast corner of California.[1]


Grace Wolfin, c. 1924, Fort Bidwell Agency

The Fort Bidwell Indian Community has a federal reservation, the Fort Bidwell Reservation, in Modoc County, near the town of Fort Bidwell, California. The reservation is 3,335 acres (13.50 km2) large. Approximately 108 tribal members live on the reservation.[1] The reservation was established in 1897. In 1990 only 6 tribal members lived on the reservation. In 1992, 22 people were enrolled in the tribe.[2] The tribal members are members the Northern Paiute Kidütökadö band (Gidu Ticutta - ‘Yellow-bellied marmot-Eaters’, also called “Northern California Paiute”).


The Fort Bidwell Indian Community traditionally spoke the Northern Paiute language, which is part of the Western Numic branch of the Uto-Aztecan language family.[3]


The tribe's headquarters is located in Fort Bidwell, California. The tribe is governed by a five tribal council members[2] as well as a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer, and secretary.


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