Fort Bunker Hill

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Image of NPS Map at Fort Bunker Hill site in Washington, DC
Fort Bunker Hill
Washington, DC
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Fort Bunker Hill was a brick and earthenwork fortification built as part of the defenses of Washington, D.C. during the American Civil War.

The fort was built in late 1861 by soldiers from the 11th Massachusetts Infantry regiment and was intended to assist in the defense of the northeast approaches to Washington between Fort Totten and Fort Lincoln. Company F of the 11th Vermont Infantry Regiment was assigned to Fort Bunker Hill to assist in the defense of the city until November 17, 1862. Thirteen guns were mounted in the rectangular-shaped fort, which operated until the conclusion of hostilities in 1865. The site of the fort is bounded by 14th, Otis, 13th, and Perry Streets in Northeast DC. Today, little remains of the fort, and the site is maintained by the National Park Service. A nearby road was named Bunker Hill Road after the fort, but it was later renamed Michigan Avenue.

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