Fort Charles (Saint Kitts)

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This article is about Fort Charles. For Charles Fort, see Charles Fort (disambiguation).
This article is about Fort Charles on St. Kitts Island. For Fort Charles on Nevis Island, see Fort Charles (Nevis).

Fort Charles is an old British fort on the island of St. Kitts. Its capture by the French was the reason for the construction of the more famous Brimstone Hill Fortress, which overlooks it.

It was a suitable site, as ships were often becalmed beneath it, when making for Sandy Point Road. It was named after King Charles II, who gave £500 to assist the planters.

Charles Fort was a military post from 1670 until it was abandoned in 1854. Some forty years later in 1890 it was used as a Hansen Home (leper asylum). The Home was closed in 1996.

The fort today is not in good shape. It has been completely abandoned and is overgrown with vegetation.

Fort Charles on St. Kitts should not be confused with Fort Charles on Nevis.

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