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Coast defence guns from World War I at Dunree Fort.

Fort Dunree (Irish: An Dún Riabhach), located on the west side of the Inishowen peninsula, Ireland, is a Napoleonic period fort built by the Royal Navy. The fort is located on a rocky promontory accessed over a natural fissure. It was remodelled in 1895 to have 2 x 4.7 inch (119 mm) QF guns below, and later 12 pounder (5 kg) QF and 2 x 6 inch (152 mm) guns in a battery above. The top of a hill overlooking the site was walled in to form a redoubt.

The fort was part of the Treaty Ports which remained under UK control until 1938, when they were handed over to the Irish Government. They were manned by the Irish Army until decommissioned following World War II.

The fort is now a military museum with detailed exhibitions, many restored guns such as BL 6 inch Mk VII naval gun and an old military camp. There are also displays about the area birds, marine life and coastal vegetation.

Other facilities include a gift shop, auditorium, café and trail walks.

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