Fort San Antonio Abad

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Fort San Antonio Abad
American troops raising the Flag at Fort San Antonio De Abad, Malate, Philippines (1899).jpg
American troops raising the Flag at Fort San Antonio De Abad in 1899 during the Philippine-American War
Fort San Antonio Abad is located in Philippines
Fort San Antonio Abad
Location in the Philippines
Former names Fuerte de San Antonio Abad
General information
Status Restored
Type Fortification
Architectural style Triangular bastioned fort
Location Central Bank of the Philippines Complex
Address Roxas Boulevard
Town or city Malate, Manila
Country Philippines
Coordinates 14°33′45.5″N 120°59′12.6″E / 14.562639°N 120.986833°E / 14.562639; 120.986833Coordinates: 14°33′45.5″N 120°59′12.6″E / 14.562639°N 120.986833°E / 14.562639; 120.986833
Completed 1584
Renovated 1970s[1]
Owner Government of the Philippines
Technical details
Structural system Masonry
Designations Historical Structure marker from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines
1584 Fort San Antonio Abad, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Fort San Antonio Abad (Spanish: Fuerte de San Antonio Abad)[2] is a fortification in the Malate district of the City of Manila built during the Spanish Colonial Period in the Philippines.

Named in honour of its patron saint, Saint Anthony the Abbott, the structure was originally built in 1584 as a rear protection for the City of Manila. The fort was then located in Malate (then a separate hamlet) along the shores of Manila Bay, about 2.8 km (1.7 mi) south of the city. The restored fort is now enclosed within the confines of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank) Complex, between the Manila Metropolitan Museum and other Central Bank buildings.[1]


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