Fort Vredenburgh

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Fort Vredenburgh
Part of Dutch Gold Coast
Forts at Komenda.jpg
British Fort Komenda (left) and Dutch Fort Vredenburgh (right).
Fort Vredenburgh is located in Ghana
Fort Vredenburgh
Fort Vredenburgh
Coordinates 5°03′06″N 1°29′01″W / 5.051745°N 1.483541°W / 5.051745; -1.483541
Site history
Built 1682 (1682)
Garrison information
Occupants Netherlands (1682-1872)

Fort Vredenburgh was a fort on the Dutch Gold Coast established in 1682. On the same site, a trading post was established by the Dutch around 1600, but abandoned soon afterwards. In 1687, the English Fort Komenda was built nearby. The fort was occupied between 1781 and 1785 by the British. In 1872, the fort was ceded to the United Kingdom, together with the entire Dutch Gold Coast.