Forte (notation program)

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This article is about the scorewriter Forte. For other uses, see Forte (disambiguation).
Forte (notation program)
Forte notation-program Logo phpBB.gif
Developer(s) Lugert Verlag GmbH
Stable release 4.0 (German, english version 3.0) / November 23, 2012; 2 years ago (2012-11-23)
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Size 62 MB (Premium version)
Available in German, English
Type Scorewriter (Music notation)
License Proprietary software

Forte is a music notation program or Scorewriter developed by the German company Lugert Verlag located in Handorf near Hamburg. The program is available in German and English.[1][2] The latest release, 4.0 is currently available only in German,[3] while the latest English version is 3.0.[4] Forte is being "used by people and institutions from more than 40 countries", claims its publisher,[4] which specializes in books, materials and magazines for musical education in schools, besides the scorewriter.[5]

The program is published in four versions, Premium, Home, Basic and Free[3] with different sets of features, ranging in prices from $199 down to $15, and at no charge, the Free version.[6]

The program can import MusicXML and the CapXML file format of the Capella notation program. The program can import MIDI files; export of MIDI and MP3 files is available in the more expensive editions.[1][2]


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