Forth magazine

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Editor Jeremy Pollack
Categories News and current affairs
Frequency Daily
Total circulation 40,000 per month
First issue 2008
Company FORTH magazine
Country U.S.
Language English
Website [1]

Forth was created to explore, examine, and expose the work of artists and writers. The magazine is less about the creation or product itself, and more about the creator. Through these strange digital pages, delve into the world of the journalist, the mind of the poet, the vision of the artist, to gain a unique perspective of the often intriguing, sometimes haunting, always weird, little worlds of our most innovative creators. Forth aims to support both established and upcoming writers and artists, and to maintain a recurring set of fantastic writers and journalists that you’ll only see here. By holding true and marching Forth on the mission of support through exploration and exposure, just maybe it will shine light on the amazing potential of creation in each of us.

Editors and contributors[edit]

FORTH is owned by Jeremy Pollack. The site is managed and edited by journalists Candice Lee and Amanda Montell.

Editorial contributors come from across the spectrum and include writers Gabby Cohen, Elan Barnehama, and Chanel Palacios, among others.