Washington Crossing Bridge (Pittsburgh)

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Washington Crossing Bridge
Other name(s) 40th Street Bridge
Carries 40th Street
Crosses Allegheny River
Locale Pittsburgh and Millvale
Maintained by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Designer Benno Janssen, Janssen & Cocken
Design Arch bridge
Material steel
Total length 2,366 feet (721 m)
Width 3 lanes
Longest span 360 feet (110 m)
Piers in water 4
Clearance below 72.5 feet (22.1 m)
Opened 1924
Coordinates 40°28′22″N 79°58′07″W / 40.4728°N 79.9686°W / 40.4728; -79.9686Coordinates: 40°28′22″N 79°58′07″W / 40.4728°N 79.9686°W / 40.4728; -79.9686
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The Washington Crossing Bridge, commonly known as the Fortieth Street Bridge, is an arch bridge that carries vehicular traffic across the Allegheny River between the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Lawrenceville and the suburb of Millvale.


The bridge was originally built to accommodate two lanes of traffic and one streetcar line; a 1982 re-decking allowed for the creation of a reversible third automobile lane.[1]

The bridge received its name because it is located at a historically significant site pertaining to George Washington's military career. In 1753, then-Major Washington was dispatched to give French forces an ultimatum to negotiate for the return of the lands that today make up Western Pennsylvania to the British or to prepare for a military strike. Crossing the Allegheny on a wooden raft, Washington was nearly killed when his vessel overturned at this site.

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