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The Fortune Most Powerful Women was as a cover package in 1998 with a simple idea that women were gaining significant power in the corporate world and had become a lot more interesting than in the old days when women leaders, to thrive, had to behave and compete with men.

The list has become a community, with live events and programs that enable the MPW to use their power wisely and globally. The MPW community includes the most prominent women leaders in business, philanthropy, government, education, and the arts.

Fortune Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs 2013[edit]

  1. Ann Hand, CEO, Project Frog
  2. Julia Hartz, Co-Founder & President, Eventbrite
  3. Jules Pieri, Co-Founder & CEO, The Grommet
  4. Leila Janah, Founder & CEO, Samasource
  5. Lisa Stone, Co-Founder & CEO, BlogHer
  6. Lori Steele, Founder & CEO, Everyone Counts
  7. Maria Rios, President & CEO, Nation Waste, Inc.
  8. Rose Wang, Founder & CEO, Binary Group
  9. Sarah Collins, Founder, (Wonderbag) Natural Balance
  10. Sari Davidson, CEO, Boogi
  11. Indira Nooyi, CEO, Pepsico
  12. Manish Maru, CEO, Maru & Asso.

Fortune Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs 2012[edit]

  1. Jessica Alba, Co-Founder, The Honest Co.
  2. Jill Becker, CEO and Founder, Cambridge NanoTech
  3. Jessica Butcher, CMO and Founding Director,
  4. Theresa Fette, CEO, Provident Trust Group
  5. Christiane Lemieux, Founder, DwellStudio
  6. Laura Mather, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Silver Tail Systems
  7. Victoria Ransom, CEO and Co-Founder, Wildfire Interactive
  8. Rashmi Sinha, CEO and Co-Founder, SlideShare
  9. Alexa von Tobel, Founder and CEO, LearnVest
  10. Shunee Yee, CEO and President, CSOFT International

Fortune Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs 2011[edit]

  1. Miranda Bouldin, Logicore
  2. Sue Chen, Nova Medical Products
  3. Jane Friedman, Open Road Integrated Media
  4. Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, Rent the Runway
  5. Dawn Halfaker, Halfaker & Associates
  6. Clara Shih, Hearsay Social
  7. Kara Goldin, Hint Inc.
  8. Kimberley Graham-Nye, gDiapers
  9. Katrina Markoff, Vosges Chocolate
  10. Demet Mutlu, Trendyol

Fortune Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs 2010[edit]

  1. Theresa Alfaro Daytner, President & CEO, Daytner Construction Group, Mt. Airy, MD
  2. Leah Brown, President & CEO, A10 Solutions, Inc., Cary, NC
  3. Linda Chaput, Founder & CEO, Agile Mind, Grapevine, TX
  4. Wendi Goldsmith, CEO, Bioengineering Group, Salem, MA
  5. Desiree Gruber, CEO & Founder, Modelinia/Full Picture, New York, NY
  6. Alexa Hirschfeld, Co-founder, Paperless Post, New York, NY
  7. Dina Kaplan, Co-Founder,, New York, NY
  8. Susan Koger, Co-Founder, ModCloth, Pittsburgh, PA
  9. Mariam Naficy, Founder & CEO, Minted, San Francisco, CA
  10. Elizabeth Perelstein, President, School Choice International Inc., White Plains, NY

Fortune Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs 2009[edit]

  1. Elizabeth Bennet, CEO and Co-Founder, Africa Direct, Inc.
  2. Lauren Bush, CEO and Co-Founder, FEED Projects LLC
  3. Billie Dragoo, President and CEO, RepuCare, Inc.
  4. Lani Hay, President and CEO, Lanmark Technology, Inc.
  5. Michelle Jones, President, Entech Northwest, Inc.
  6. Lynn Jurich, President and Co-Founder, SunRun, Inc.
  7. Lisa Loscalzo, President, The Little Clinic
  8. Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Founder and CEO,
  9. Susan Walvius & Michelle Marciniak, Co-Founders and co-CEOs, SHEEX
  10. Susan Wilson, Founder and CEO, The Judgment Group

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