Forty Foot Echo

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Forty Foot Echo
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2002–present
Labels Echoman Records (2003-)
Hollywood Records (2001-2003)
Associated acts Caught Crimson; The Veer Union
Members Murray Yates
Dayvid Swart
Mark Watson
George Izzy Allen
Kevin Kevlar Bosch
Past members Peter Thorn
Rob Kurzreiter
Eric Schraeder
Mike "Sancho" Sanchez

Forty Foot Echo is a Canadian alternative rock band formed in 2001.


Murray Yates formed Forty Foot Echo immediately after losing his record deal with EMI as the lead singer of Templar. After being courted by several record companies he signed a deal with Hollywood records. He moved from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles, CA to begin recording Forty Foot Echo's first major label album, along with lead guitarist Pete Thorn, rhythm guitarist Eric Schraeder, bassist Miguel Sanchez, and drummer Rob Kurzreiter.

"Brand New Day", the band's most successful song from their debut album, was featured on the soundtrack of the 2003 version of Freaky Friday[1] which earned the band an American gold record. The song "Drift" was used in the feature film The Prince and Me in 2004, as well as on the TV series One Tree Hill, season one, episode one. The band filmed the video for "Brand New Day" in Toronto, ON, and "Save Me" in Los Angeles, CA; both were aired on Much Music.[2]

Shortly after the conclusion of their first tour, a complicated series of events caused the band to become estranged from Hollywood Records. Yates returned to Vancouver, determined to take another shot at making FFE work, and in 2006 recorded not only the video for "Closer", but the band's second album, Aftershock, under his own label, Echoman Records.[3]

In 2012 Forty Foot Echo's name reappeared as the Aftershock album was re-released, again under Echoman Records, but with four substitute songs, most notably a completely re-recorded version of "Brand New Day". For a variety of artistic and political reasons, Yates felt the song had to be redone so that he could truly reclaim it as his own, with his own vision for the song finally realized.[4]

Murray Yates was also a member of a side project band, Caught Crimson, along with former Forty Foot Echo member Rob Kurzretier and singer-songwriter Adrianne Leon.[5]




  • Murray Yates (lyricist, lead vocals)
  • Mark Watson: (guitar, vocals)
  • Ricardo Viana: (drums)
  • David Kanderka: (bass, vocals)



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