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In Australian rules football, the forward pocket refers to a position on the field deep in offense.

Forward pocket players, situated in the forward line, need to have good avoidance and goal sneak skills and usually, quality forward-pockets are noted for their agility and ability to score difficult goals. Unlike the FF, they are not main targets for marks, but have more slender, lighter bodies, and are expected to "crumb" or recover a ground ball where a mark was dropped.

The position is often used to rest other players during a game, especially rovers.

Examples of forward pocket players include:



Australian rules football positions
B: back pocket fullback back pocket
HB: half-back flank centre half-back half-back flank
C: wing centre wing
HF: half-forward flank centre half-forward half-forward flank
F: forward pocket full-forward forward pocket
Foll: ruckman ruck rover rover
Int: Interchange bench Interchange bench Interchange bench
Coach: coach