Foster Dam

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Foster Dam
Foster Dam 2009.jpg
Foster Dam in 2009
Official name Foster Dam
Location Linn County, Oregon, USA
Opening date 1968[1]
Dam and spillways
Impounds South Santiam River
Height 126 ft (221 m)
Length 4565 ft (379 m)
Creates Foster Lake
Total capacity 28,300 acre·ft (0.0349 km3)[2]
Power station
Turbines 2
Installed capacity 20 MW[1]

Foster Dam is an embankment type rock-fill dam[3] across the South Santiam River near Sweet Home, Oregon, United States.

Designed by the Corps of Engineers, it began service on August 22, 1968. Its primary purpose is flood control but it also provides power, navigation improvement downstream and irrigation. The damming of the river created Foster Reservoir, which is a popular fishing and water sports area. The reservoir stores 28,300 acre feet (34,900,000 m3). The powerhouse has two generators with a capacity totaling 20 MW. The dam regulates water flow from the main facility, Green Peter Dam.[4]

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Aerial view of the dam