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"Fosun" redirects here. For the village in Iran, see Fosun, Iran.
Fosun International
Type Privately held company
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1992
Founder(s) Mr. Guo Guangchang
Headquarters Shanghai, People's Republic of China
Area served People's Republic of China
Key people Chairman: Mr. Guo Guangchang
CEO: Mr. Liang Xinjun
President: Mr. Wang Qunbin
Website Fosun International Limited

Fosun International Limited (simplified Chinese: 复星国际有限公司; traditional Chinese: 復星國際有限公司), also Fosun or Fosun International, is the largest private-owned conglomerate in Mainland China,[1] headquartered in Shanghai but incorporated in Hong Kong. It is also called "Shanghai's Hutchison Whampoa" (上海和黃).


Fosun Group was founded in 1992 by four graduates from Fudan University: Guo Guangchang (郭广昌), Liang Xinjun (梁信军), Wang Qunbin (汪群斌), Fan Wei (范伟),Tan Jian (谈剑). Fosun Group is a classic story of success after China's reform and opening-up.

During 2011, the three major growth engines of Fosun, namely industrial profits, investment profits and asset management profits rose rapidly, enabling Fosun to make strides toward its vison of becoming "a premium investment group with a focus on China's growth momentum".

In 1990s, Fosun started its business by doing market research. Then Fosun extended its business into the healthcare industry, real estate, etc.[citation needed] In July 2007, Fosun International (00656.HK), the parent company of Fosun Group, was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.[citation needed]


Fosun's businesses cover Industrial operations, Investment (including strategic investments), Asset Management, and Insurance with many subsidiary companies in each business.

Industrial Operations:


Asset Management:


Fosun's Investment Model[edit]

Fosun's investment philosophy is to maintain a strong base in China and invest in the country's growth fundamentals. It proactively taps into investment opportunities arising from China's economic transformation with focus on domestic demand as well as China's progress of urbanization and industrialization. Fosun's unique Investment Model is combining China's growth momentum with global resources.

Spooked by the global economic volatility, many international companies and brands are undervalued since the economic crisis in 2008. The recent European debt crisis will linger while a moderate recovery of the U.S. economy is underway. China's economy still manages to grow rapidly by developing a huge domestic consumer market, thanks to its 30-year deep-rooted reform and opening-up.

In search of quality capital, brands, technologies and projects around the globe by capturing this opportunity, Fosun relies on its established industrial base, investment experience and channel network to assist these global companies and brands to jointly tap into the Chinese market and share the rapid growth of China.

Fosun's investment criteria are based on long-term opportunities arisen from China's growth momentum. With the criteria in mind, Fosun has its focus on the following investment areas:

With a strategy akin to Warren Buffett's, Fosun is named as "China's Berkshire" by local media and international media.

Fosun's CSR and Honors[edit]

Fosun aims to help promote "Two Rejuvenation" of Chinese economy and Chinese culture.

In 2011, Fosun continues to promote the Taichi culture while propping up two cultural projects: Wu Opera from Jinhua, Zhejiang province and Dongyang Wood-carving from Dongyang, Zhejiang province, both of which are national intangible cultural heritages.

Fosun Group actively promotes the traditional culture of Taichi. The Group promoted Taichi not only internally, but also in the Shanghai communities and even brought the Taichi culture overseas, with eye-catching Taichi show staged in international centers like New York.

In July 2011, Fosun ranked No. 81 among Fortune (China)'s top 500 enterprises of China.

In November 2011, Fosun received the "Entrepreneurs for the World Award" at the World Entrepreneurship Fosun in Singapore due to its business achievement and commitment to CSR.

In December 2011, Fosun was awarded "2011 Top Chinese Non-state owned Enterprises of CSR" by Southern Weekend.

In April 2012, Fosun ascended to No. 1136 in Forbes Global Top 2000 enterprises.

2012 is Fosun's 20th anniversary. Fosun actively contributes its efforts to improve the business and natural environments of China so as to support the rejuvenation of Chinese economy and culture.


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