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Type Private
Industry stock photography and stock footage
Genre microstock photography, stock footage
Founded 2005
Founders Oleg Tscheltzoff, Thibaud Elziere
Headquarters 41 East, 11th Street, 11th
New York City
, United States of America
Key people Oleg Tscheltzoff, (Founder, CEO)

Company Summary:

Founded in 2005 by Oleg Tscheltzoff, Patrick Chassany and Thibaud Elziere in New York City, Fotolia is the European leader in stock photography, with one of the largest image libraries in the world comprising royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations and video footage clips. Fotolia specialises in local content based upon its diverse international community of artists, graphic designers and agencies with tens of thousands of images, illustrations and videos submitted every day, validated by an international team of moderators ensuring that users see the best of the best. Fotolia has pioneered the development of microstock photography, offering images via the Internet and sourcing them from both amateur and professional photographers.

As of July 2014 Fotolia, the European leaders in stock photography, had over 4.9 million users and an online portfolio of over 30 million images (which include photos, vectors and illustrations), making it one of the biggest stock image library in the world. Fotolia specialises in local content based upon its diverse international community of artists, graphic designers and agencies from 157 countries to date.

Contributors license their images to Fotolia and are paid a commission when the image is downloaded. Commission rates vary according to the type of license purchased, but start at 20% and can go as high as 63%. Members can download images on-demand using purchased “Credits” or via a subscription plan. Downloaded images are royalty-free, allowing buyers to use them with no restrictions on time, usage, or number of prints.

Company history:

2005 - Fotolia founded by Oleg Tscheltzoff, Patrick Chassany and Thibaud Elziere in New York City, USA.

December 2007 - Fotolia becomes the first company to include crowd sourced images in its online library, with the launch of the Infinite Collection.

May 2009 – PhotoXpress launched as an online platform for free stock images (now the largest in the world)

February 2011- invests in AudioMicro, the world’s largest online collection of royalty-free music and sound effects.

February 2012 – begins offering images produced by deviantART.

March 2012 - acquires, a crowdsourcing community offering professional custom logos and other design services.

May 2012 - begins cooperating with AP Images to share Fotolia library images online.

June 2012 – Global investment firm KKR announces a $150 million investment in Fotolia

October 2013 – launches instant app for iPhone, allowing users to edit, tag and upload images direct from their smartphone.

January 2014 – Fotolia launches Dollar Photo Club, a members-only photos bank, offering 25 million RF images for one easy price.

May 2014 – Fotolia launched its application for iPad, helping users to search, download, and share royalty-free images from Fotolia’s 30 million creative files with just one click.

July 2014 – The Instant App for Android is launched and hits 20,000 downloads within its first two weeks

Instant Collection: Launched in October 2013, the Instant App by Fotolia has gone from strength to strength. Released first on iOS and more recently on Android, the app allows anyone to become professional photographers from the palm of their own hands allowing them to reap the same financial rewards as traditional Fotolia Contributors in terms of standard licensing. Over 50,000 images to date have been downloaded from the Instant Collection highlighting not just a seismic shift in buyer’s attitudes towards smartphone imagery but also these buyer’s requirements. Instant images have a noticeably fresher, energetic vibe predominantly due to the spontaneous nature in which they’ve been shot “Instant” Photos are required to meet quality standards similar to other images available on Fotolia. They must also meet the legal requirements related to image rights and intellectual property.

Fotolia iPad App: The App offers a new visual experience, with search results appearing on the page in mosaic form. In just one click, the user can see a full frame high quality preview and scroll through search results to the next screen with their fingertip. The image’s information tab allows users to see more images from that series, the same artist, or with the same keyword. From there, the user can also enter different keywords to start a new search. Using Fotolia’s state-of-the-art search engine, users can filter search results according to price, file type (photo, illustration, vector), collection (Standard Collection, Instant Collection); or Options (e.g., panoramic images). The Fotolia App for iPad is available on itunes.

TEN Collection by Fotolia In December 2011 Fotolia launched its International TEN Collection, which showcased ten successful digital artists responding to ten themes over a ten months to create ten PSDs using only Fotolia images. The resulting PSDs were available free online for 24 hours allowing those interested to learn some of the techniques used by each artist. The first Season resulted in over 170,000 downloads of the ten PSD file and the second Season saw downloads over double to over 300,000. All TEN Collection artworks come with a video tutorial available on YouTube whereby the artist explains the motivations, conceptual process and techniques behind their finished work.

Season 1: In 2011, the TEN Collection was born, with a selection of France's top ten artists, such as Emeric Trahand, Soemone, Hellohikimori, Joolz, and more contributing. Each artist’s work was accompanied by a video tutorial highlighting the technical devices and steps and inspirational motives behind their artwork.

Season 2: Fotolia unveiled “Season 2” of the Ten Collection in January 2012 featuring the work of artists Gustavo Brigante (Argentina), Soongyu Gwon (Korea), Adhemas Batista (Brazil), Marumiyan (Japan), Mike Harrison (UK), Alexander Otto (Germany), Alexey Samsonov (Russia), Lydia Baillergeau (USA), Sergio Del Puerto (Spain), Alberto Seveso (Italy), Peter Jaworowski (Poland), and Düne & Sosoa (France).

Season 3: True to its original mission, the 2014 TEN Collection presents artwork from ten new artists, keeping its distinctive internationalism, with every artist hailing from a different country. This season however, TEN brings in ten industry professionals and splits them into five creative pairs, making for truly unique artworks. Based around the theme ‘The Future’ each pairing collaborates to produce a photograph and PSD based on their own interpretation The first bi-monthly pairing was Canadian photographer Eric Pare and US Digital Artist Mike Campau’s vision of ‘Woman of the Future’ launched in March 2014. The second instalment in May 2014 featured Italian photographer Lucia Giacani and Polish multidisciplinary artist Mateusz Chmura based upon the theme ‘Health 2.0’. July’s duet features the work of German photographer Paul Ripke and British digital illustrator Nik Ainley as they construed ‘Sports in the Future’.

As with Seasons 1 and 2, online users can download the Season 3 PSD file free of charge for 24 hours.