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Fouad Ali El Himma, (born 6 December 1962, in Ben Guerir, Morocco) is an influential Moroccan politician and senior advisor for Mohammed VI of whom he is said to be a very close friend. Since he became Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior in November 1999, he has played a prominent role in the Moroccan State. In 2008, he founded the Authenticity and Modernity Party. El Himma was a classmate of Mohammed VI at the Collège Royale and was the director of his cabinet when he was crown prince.


He earned a BSc of Law from Mohammad V University in Rabat in 1986. He earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Political Science in 1988 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Administrative Science in 1989. His training Period in the Ministry of the Interior (Morocco) was 1986-1990.


According to media reports, El Himma owns the firm Mena media consulting[1] which held contracts with the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior.[2] According to the press, the company conducts surveillance and intelligence gathering over social media platforms.[2]

Brief history[edit]

1992-1997: Elected President of the Municipal Council for Ben Guerir (Morocco).

1992-1997: Parliamentary Deputy for Rahamneh Constituency (Morocco).

1997: Named Head of the Court of the Crown Prince (Morocco).

1999-2000: Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior (Morocco).

2002: Minister Delegate to the Interior (Morocco).

August 2007: Quit the Ministry of Interior to participate in the parliament election of September 2007

2008: founded the Authenticity and Modernity Party

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