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Found on Film
Video by Maxïmo Park
Released 5 June 2006
Genre Post-punk revival
Indie rock
Length 143 minutes
Label Warp Records

Found on Film is a CD/DVD release by Maxïmo Park containing a DVD of videos and live footage and a CD of BBC Sessions. It was released, along with Missing Songs to complement their debut album A Certain Trigger. It comes in a hard-cover case akin to a book, with several pages of photos taken by the band over the course of the tour for the debut album separating the sleeves for the two discs.

DVD Contents[edit]

The DVD has footage of two shows:

Live At Brixton Academy

1. Graffiti
2. The Coast Is Always Changing
3. Limassol
4. Postcard Of A Painting
6. Signal And Sign
7. Kiss You Better
8. Now I'm All Over The Shop
9. Once, A Glimpse
10. Apply Some Pressure
11. The Night I Lost My Head
12. Going Missing

Live At Newcastle Academy

1. Signal And Sign
2. Fear Of Falling
3. I Want You To Leave
4. Postcard Of A Painting
5. I Want You To Stay
6. Limassol

Music videos for:

- Apply Some Pressure (Version 1, early demo video)
- The Coast Is Always Changing
- Graffiti
- Going Missing
- Apply Some Pressure (Version 2, commercially released video)
- I Want You To Stay

AOL live session videos for:

- I Want You to Stay
- Graffiti
- Going Missing
+ Tour Documentary Found On Film

BBC Sessions Bonus CD[edit]

  1. The Coast Is Always Changing
  2. Now I'm All Over The Shop
  3. Apply Some Pressure
  4. Kiss You Better
  5. Graffiti
  6. Surrender
  7. Going Missing
  8. Shiver
  9. I Want You To Stay
  10. Stray Talk (this track is not listed on the CD/DVD case as it was recorded not as part of the BBC Sessions but at guitarist Duncan Lloyd's home, serving as a bonus track)

Total running time approx. 2 hours and 23 minutes.


A mistake on the back of the Found On Film DVD reads: "Live at Newcastle Academy (Filmed 10/12/06)", when they in fact played there on 10/12/05. The DVD got released a good four months before 10/12/06.

The Brixton Academy concert was originally shot for MTV. Filmed 17/02/05, it was directed by James Russell who had 7 cameras at his disposal.

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