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Foundation Capital
Industry Venture capital
Founded 1995
Founder Bill Elmore, Kathryn Gould, and Jim Anderson
Headquarters Menlo Park, California, USA
Key people
Bill Elmore, Ashu Garg, Paul Holland, Charles Moldow, Steve Vassallo, Warren Weiss, Rich Redelfs, Skip Glass, Jonathan Ehrlich, Aditya Singh, Anamitra Banerji
Number of employees
~ 30 worldwide

Foundation Capital is a venture capital firm located in Silicon Valley. The firm was founded in 1995, and manages more than $2.4 billion[1] in investment capital.

Foundation Capital has invested in approximately 200+ ventures over the course of the last 19 years, 23 of which have had successful initial public offerings. It currently maintains investments in around 80 companies. Household name investments include Netflix, NetZero, Lending Club, SunRun, Chegg and Silver Spring Networks (full list below). Most investments fall under the areas of consumer tech, fin-tech, mar-tech, energy, enterprise tech, and applications.

Partners have been members of the founding executive teams of some of the most innovative Silicon Valley startups of the past two decades, with each having an average of 15 years of operating experience. Foundation Capital differentiates itself from other VC firms in that it takes a hands-on approach with its portfolio companies, offering operational and management assistance and counsel as well as investment capital.

Foundation Capital's Entrepreneur-in-Residence program takes on a select few candidates who have shown superior entrepreneurial tenacity each year. The program incubates, trains, and graduates these individuals, challenging them to apply their knowledge and experience to the mission of developing a solid business plan for an emerging technology. Over the years, Foundation Capital EIRs have helped start or landed executive positions in a number of successful companies, among them Atheros, Peribit Networks, ONStor, Hammerhead Systems, Solar Flare Communications, Silver Spring Networks, CloudOn, PrivateCore and Tealeaf.

Foundation Capital's Young Entrepreneurs Program, now in its third year, builds relationships with top business schools nationwide to offer Foundation Capital access and exposure to promising entrepreneurs and startups through various MBA networks. Through the program, Foundation offers outstanding graduate students an opportunity to gain significant experience identifying promising startups, pitching ventures, providing analysis of the opportunities, and building impactful relationships. Members of the Young Entrepreneurs Program have a background in technology or entrepreneurship, a strong interest in the field and a strong connection to the local entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Foundation Capital raised its seventh and largest fund of $750 million in April 2008.[2] It was one of Netflix's original investors.[3]


Foundation Capital provided venture capital for the following companies:[4]

Name Date Round Size
Motif Investing 5/14 D $35M
Stitch 4/14 Seed $3.3M
Blend Systems 4/14 Seed $2.7M
AdRoll 4/14 C $70M
Auxmoney 5/14 B $16M
SpoonRocket 5/14 A $11M
Sunrun 5/14 Private Equity $18M
Aquion Energy 3/14 D $56.6M
Localytics 2/14 C $16M
SpringCM 4/14 $150M
Autogrid 1/14 C $14M
XMOS 12/13 C $12.8M
WeVorce 11/13 Seed $1.7M
Cyphort 10/13 B $15.50M
DogVacay 11/13 B $15M 10/13 A $10M
Deem 11/13 G $70M
Guardian Analytics 9/13 E $11.5M
SilkRoad Technology 8/13 D $16M
InsideView 8/13 D $17M
TalentBin 7/13 A $2M
Propeller 6/13 Seed $1.3M
Interact Public Safety 6/13 B $5.2M 6/13 B $8M
Spotzot 6/13 B
Visier 5/13 B $15M
TubeMogul 5/13 C $10M
Appurify 5/13 A $4.5M
Mesosphere 5/13 Seed
Fastback Networks 5/13 B $15M
Lending Club 5/13 Private Equity $125M
Sentient Energy 4/13 - $15M
Kik 4/13 B $19.5M
Motif Investing 4/13 C $25M
ForgeRock 4/13 B $15M
Aggregate Knowledge 2/13 E $11.4M
ACCO Semiconductor 2/13 D $12.2M
TubeMogul 12/12 C $28.7M
AutoGrid 10/12 - $9M
Bureau of Trade 9/12 Seed $1.2M
Revel Touch 8/12 A $10M
Pocket 7/12 B $5


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