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The Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) was founded by the National Commission Disabled Persons (KNPD) and the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) in the year 2000 with the purpose of promoting the effective use of ICT to promote better quality of life for disabled persons.

FITA's principle function is to provide support to disabled individuals in overcoming or removing barriers to education and employment through Design for All (in ICT). Through empowerment and social inclusion disabled persons need to rely less on family and state support. In ensuring that due steps are taken to minimise the digital divide, FITA aims to enable individuals to contribute productively to society and the economy.

FITA's mission objectives are the following:

  1. To promote equal opportunities for all through ICT
  2. To provide training services in ICT for disabled people
  3. To gather and disseminate information and to increase awareness on ICT matters;
  4. To liaise with and facilitate public and private endeavours in respect of the creation of equal opportunities in respect of ICT
  5. To offer advice and consultancy services to private and public organisations in information technology

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