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The Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) is an American volunteer-based organization specializing in international development.[1] FSD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California, with operations in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Argentina, Kenya, Uganda, and India. FSD's volunteers are primarily college students or recent graduates, and focus their work in one of several development areas, including health, education, community development, women's empowerment, human rights, micro-enterprise, and the environment.[2] In April 2009, FSD won the "Best of West" award from Great Nonprofits' 2009 Green Choice Awards.[3] The mission of FSD is to enhance the capacity of community organizations in international settings to address public health, social, environmental and economic issues. Capacity building, grant making, international development training and giving circles are the four main program components used to achieve the mission of FSD.[4]

Work in Bolivia[edit]

FSD, together with many indigenous entrepreneurs, is trying to lessen a variety of environmental, social and economic deficiencies that haunt small village market. FSD actively approaches local schools and media to promote social awareness of sustainable development; assists professors and university students to innovate environmental friendly technology and policies in forestry and mining; and helps the local communities to implement the “cost-efficient” technology in farming and small business .[5] Secondly, FSD helps build schools and hospitals for the small villages, accommodates volunteer teachers and doctors in rural areas and provides basic medical equipment and training to local communities .[6] Thirdly, FSD attracts international volunteers and subsidies to help local organizations to build basic financial facilities and provide access to financial services and trainings; it engages in international fundraising to help incubating local business initiatives and fostering business programs; FSD also negotiates the price and debacles export channels for local producers and assists in the designing and marketing of local produces .[7] With the efforts of FSD and various other NGOs in Bolivia, local small villages are provided the financial and social supports they desperately need to disentangle the complex development restraints and afford a plan for a sustainable future .[8]


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