Fountain (heraldry)

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A fountain is depicted like this in heraldry
This charge, seen in continental heraldry, must be called a naturalistic fountain in English blazons

Fountain or syke is in the terminology of heraldry a roundel depicted as a roundel barry wavy argent and azure, that is, containing alternating horizontal wavy bands of blue and silver.

Because the fountain consists equally of parts in a metal and a colour, its use is not limited by the rule of tincture as are the other roundels. The fountain may be made in any heraldic tinctures, but unless otherwise stated, it is silver and blue.

If the blazon of a coat of arms contains the word fountain, it is not a natural, water-gushing fountain which should be depicted but a roundel like this.

Syke, an alternative name for fountain, is a Northern English dialect word for "well"[1] and features on the canting arms of the Sykes family.[2]



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