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Coordinates: 50°32′00″N 121°46′00″W / 50.5333°N 121.7666°W / 50.5333; -121.7666

Fountainview Academy
7615 Lytton-Lillooet Highway
Lillooet, British Columbia, V0K 1V0, Canada
Religious affiliation Seventh-day Adventist
Principal Baird Corrigan
President Michael Dunbar
Faculty 9
School type Private high school
Grades 10-12
Language English
Campus Rural
Motto Building Character
Established 1975[1]
Enrollment 85
Accredited by Province of BC, Ministry of Education
Diploma awarded Provincial "Dogwood" diploma

Fountainview Academy is a private boarding academy, parochial boarding secondary school affiliated with, but not owned or operated by, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, located 17 miles south of Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada.[2] It enrolls approximately 85[3] students in grades 10-12,[4] primarily from the United States of America and Canada, but students also come from other countries, such as Korea, New Zealand, and Iceland. It has a youth orchestra and choir[5] and all students are required to participate in one and/or the other.[6]

Philosophy of education[edit]

The book Education by Ellen G. White provides the principles which guide the Academy.[7] "Fountainview Academy strives to achieve its mission through a balanced program of work and study. Each student is required to attend approximately 25 hours of classes and 18-20 hours of career and technical training each week as a means of translating theory into practice in the individual’s life."[8]

Work experience and service activities[edit]

The high school includes an organic carrot farm[9] which in 2008 was the largest producer of organic carrots in the province of British Columbia.[10] The Adventist Church historically strongly advocated that students gain work experience as part of their education. The carrot farm provides the students with such work experience. Students also meet their weekly career and technical training requirement by being assigned to work in campus development and upkeep, digital media, janitorial, cafeteria, or the office.[11]

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