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A level crossing with four-quadrant gates at Chertsey, England. The gates are rising.

A four-quadrant gate is a type of boom barrier gate protecting a grade crossing. It has a gate mechanism on both sides of the tracks for both directions of automotive traffic. The exit gates blocking the road leading away from the tracks in this application are equipped with a delay, and begin their descent to their horizontal position several seconds after the entrance gates do, so as to avoid trapping highway vehicles on the crossing. Many people consider four-quadrant gates to be safer than two-quadrant gates because they prevent drivers from illegally driving their vehicles around lowered gates to try to beat a train.

In the UK, such crossings are categorised as 'Manually Controlled Barriers' (MCB) because they are always manually controlled, usually from a signal box. Some are known as MCB-CCTV level crossings, because they are supervised by video link to the signal box from which they are remotely controlled.

Automatic Boom barriers[edit]

Automatic barriers There are various technologies for Automatic Boom Barrier and Out of them Electro- Mechanical is one of them, which is a widely accepted technology and a full proof technology also. rest of other technologies are just manufacturer specific only. These electro mechanical boom barrier comes with 24VDC Drive unit which can run continuously without generating heat, so electro-mechanical boom barrier can be operated Continuously. These electro mechanical boom barrier can be use in Intensive Duty Cycle.

Operation / Integration of Automatic Boom Barrier:- An Automatic boom barrier can be operated through- 1. Normal Push Button - Beninca Push Button 2. Remote Control - 3. RFID Tags / RFID Reader 4. Loop Detector 5. Any third party access control device.

OEM for Boom Barrier There are various OEM for Automatic Boom Barrier, out of which some famous OEM is - 1. Beninca SpA, Italy 2. Etc. Application of Boom Barrier Now a days boom barrier is being user at various places to stop unauthorized entry of vehicle and also to regularize traffic. 1. Entry and Exit Gate Of School 2. Entry and exit gate of housing society. 3. Entry and exit gate of Corporate Building 4. Toll Plaza 5. Parking Entry and Exit Gate 6. Entry and exit gate of secured buildings and monuments 7. Anywhere where traffic movement is to regulate 8. Etc.

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