Four Jills in a Jeep

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Four Jills in a Jeep
Four Jills in a Jeep FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by William A. Seiter
Produced by Irving Starr
Written by Carole Landis (story)
Froma Sand (story)
Helen Logan
Fred Niblo, Jr.
Snag Werris
Starring Kay Francis
Carole Landis
Martha Raye
Mitzi Mayfair
Twentieth Century Fox
Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox
Release date(s) March 17, 1944
Country United States
Language English

Four Jills in a Jeep is a 1944 film starring Kay Francis, Carole Landis, Martha Raye, and Mitzi Mayfair as themselves, re-enacting their USO tour of Europe and North Africa during World War II.


The New York Times reviewer Bosley Crowther was unimpressed, writing, "It gives the painful impression of having been tossed together in a couple of hours. All that happens, really, is a lot of dizzying about the dames and some singing and dancing by them in an undistinguished style."[1]



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