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Four Star Mary
Four Star Mary.jpg
Publicity photo by the band in 2007
Background information
Origin California, United States
Genres Alternative rock
Labels Spitfire
Members Tad Looney, Michael ‘Zu’ Zufelt, Steve Carter, Chris Sobchack, Derrick Tanner
Past members "Michael Buddy" Chanda, Falon, Dave McClellan, Doug Granville, Scotty Kormos, Adam Kury

Four Star Mary are an alternative rock group formed in California in 1997. They named themselves after the Four Star vs. Mary Case in which a woman was trying to sue Exxon (a big US oil company). Lead singer Tad Looney, guitarist Michael ‘Zu’ Zufelt, bassist Steve Carter, drummer Chris Sobchack (who replaced original drummer Michael "Buddy" Chanda) and rhythm guitarist Derrick Tanner (fourth guitarist after Falon, Dave McClellan and Doug Granville) are the band behind fictitious band Dingoes Ate My Baby in which Oz plays guitar in Seasons Two, Three and Four of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They have also had tracks featured in the shows Party of Five, Road Rules and The Real World.

According to an interview in The Watcher’s Guide volume 2 (2002, 457), music editor John King heard their music at a party given by Steve Carter’s girlfriend and thought they would be good on the show. On hearing the tape, Joss decided that they had the right sound for the fictitious band he wanted to feature in the show. Thus while they have only appeared personally once on the show in Season Four’s “Restless” as the band behind Giles when he sings the “Exposition Song”, their music has been featured more than that of any other band. Zu has also been down to the set to coach Seth Green on how to seem to play guitar. In the extra-textual Buffy world, they have played several posting board and cast/crew parties. Four Star Mary gained recognition after appearing in several episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, providing the music for the fictional band Dingoes Ate My Baby, of whom the character Oz was the lead guitarist. Their 2001 single "Pain" is present on the original soundtrack CD for the show and is also briefly featured in an episode of the American television show Charmed.

For years they were known as the band who were featured in more episodes than any other band in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, without actually physically playing in the fictional club (the Bronze) in the show. This finally came to an end when the band performed in a dream sequence along actor Anthony Head in the episode "Restless".

Dingoes Ate My Baby ‘play’ Four Star Mary songs during the following Buffy episodes:

Season Two

“Inca Mummy Girl”: Oz notices Willow for the first time while playing “Shadows” (Four Star Mary, 1997) at the Bronze during the costume dance, Xander and Ampata dance to “Fate” (Four Star Mary, 1997).

“Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”: “Pain” (Four Star Mary, 1997) is played at the Valentine’s Day dance where Cordelia breaks up with Xander

Season Three

“Dead Man's Party”: Dingoes play various tracks at Buffy’s homecoming party including “Never Mind” (Thrown to the Wolves, 1999) while Buffy tries to talk to Willow about the distance that seems to have come between them since Buffy went off to L.A. at the end of Season Two, “Sway” (Four Star Mary, 1997) while Buffy tries to talk to Xander and Cordelia but ends up feeling like an outsider, overhears the rumour that this party is for a chick just out of rehab and hears her mother tell Pat how difficult it is to have Buffy home and “Pain” while Giles trys to warn Buffy over the phone about the zombie mask but gets stuck talking to a stoner.

“Homecoming”: Willow tells Xander and Faith that Oz wrote “She Knows” (Thrown to the Wolves, 1999) for her while it is played at the Homecoming Dance.

“Band Candy”: Dingoes are playing “Violent” (Thrown to the Wolves, 1999) at the Bronze when the adults besiege the stage.

“Revelations”: Oz is playing “Run” (Thrown to the Wolves, 1999) at the Bronze at the beginning of the episode before joining the gang for drinks.

Season Four

“The Harsh Light of Day”: “Dilate” (Thrown to the Wolves, 1999) is played in the opening scene at the Bronze before Oz joins Willow and Buffy at their table.

“Pain” is also featured as source scoring at the end of the Season Four episode “Living Conditions,” as Willow hangs up her Dingoes Ate My Baby Poster, and “Fate” is featured as source music on a tape played at a party in the Season Four episode “The Initiative”. As by this point Oz has left, the track serves to make Willow depressed.

For lyrics, discography and interviews see the fan site

In 2008 the band made a number of appearances in the UK, finishing in Manchester.

On October 1 2013, the band relaunched their website containing video messages and a hint at future recordings.


  • Four Star Mary (EP), 1997
  • Thrown to the Wolves (album), 1998
  • Marlene/Think (double A-side single), 2000
  • Thrown to the Wolves (album), 2001 (UK re-release)
  • Dilate (single), 2001 (UK, spitfire records)
  • Pain (single), 2001 (UK, spitfire records)
  • Stripped (EP), 2001
  • Welcome Home (album), 2002
  • Live And Unheard Of (EP), 2003 (Limited edition)
  • Rio (single), 2004
  • Hello It's Me (album), 2006

Track listing[edit]


Thrown to the Wolves[edit]

  1. "Dilate"
  2. "Thrown To The Wolves"
  3. "Pain"
  4. "Never Mind"
  5. "Say It"
  6. "Dark Sky"
  7. "She Knows"
  8. "Shadows"
  9. "Violent"
  10. "Run"
  11. "Liar" (UK Re-Release only)
  12. "Fate" (UK Re-Release only)

Welcome Home[edit]

  1. "All I See"
  2. "Train"
  3. "Strangled"
  4. "Darker Days"
  5. "Empty"
  6. "Welcome Home"
  7. "Hold Me"
  8. "Bleed On"
  9. "Fall"
  10. "Prison"
  11. "Drown"
  12. "Stars Come Down"

Hello It's Me[edit]

  1. "Hello It's Me"
  2. "Hollow"
  3. "Everything"
  4. "Wonderful"
  5. "Long Way Down"
  6. "Won't Stop"
  7. "Detergent"
  8. "I'll Be Here"
  9. "Bad Rain"
  10. "Little Too Late"
  11. "Believe" (Bucky Mix)

EPs and Singles[edit]

Four Star Mary EP[edit]

  1. "Pain"
  2. "Shadows"
  3. "Sway"
  4. "Liar"
  5. "Tied Up"
  6. "Fate"


  1. "Marlene"
  2. "Think"
  3. "Pain" (Acoustic)


  1. "Dilate"
  2. "Never Mind"
  3. "Dilate" (Video)


  1. "Pain"
  2. "Surrender"
  3. "Pain" (Acoustic)
  4. "Pain" (Video)

Stripped EP[edit]

  1. "Too Far Gone" (Acoustic)
  2. "Dark Sky" (Acoustic)
  3. "Thrown To The Wolves" (Acoustic)
  4. "Dilate" (Acoustic)
  5. "Strangled" (Acoustic/Demo)

Live And Unheard Of EP[edit]

  1. "Empty" (Live)
  2. "Strangled" (Live)
  3. "Stars Come Down" (Live)
  4. "Bleed On" (Live)
  5. "Pain" (Live)
  6. "Rio" (Live)
  7. "One Son"


  1. "Rio"
  2. "BBC Interview 1"
  3. "Stars Come Down" (Acoustic)
  4. "BBC Interview 2"
  5. "Darker Days" (Acoustic)


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--Vanessa Knights

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