Fox Kids (Australia)

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Fox Kids Australia
FOX Kids logo.svg
Logo (1997-2004)
Launched 1 October 1995
Closed 31 January 2004
Owned by Foxtel
Picture format PAL
Country Australia
Language English
Replaced Fox Classics
Availability at time of closure
Foxtel Channel 6
Austar Channel 6
Foxtel Channel 6
Optus TV Channel 6

Fox Kids was launched in Australia in October 1995, as part of the newly launched Foxtel service. At the time of its launch it was a children's programming block on Fox8 (known at the time as Fox). In 1998, it became a channel in its own right, broadcasting from 6am to 8:30pm everyday, with The History Channel airing overnight.[1] It moved to channel 6 (both on cable and satellite) in 2000, retaining the same broadcasting hours, with Fox Classics becoming its night shift.

On 1 June 2002, Fox Kids was relaunched with a new programming line-up, an updated logo and revamped on-air look, changing from the look and feel of other Fox Kids channels around the world, as part of a move to shift the channel's focus towards preteens. This was influenced in part by the sale of Fox Kids to Disney, but also due to viewer demand for such a television channel in Australia.[2] The broadcasting hours of Fox Kids were cut back to 6am to 6pm on 1 February 2003 before being discontinued as a channel one year later, during the migration to the Foxtel Digital platform. Fox Kids returned to Fox8 again as three-hour block in the mornings known as Fox8 Kids.

For much of its existence Fox Kids was exclusive to Foxtel, launching on Optus Television in December 2002.