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FOX wordmark-orange.svg
Launched 24 January 2006
Owned by Mahaka Media (2006-2008), Rotana (2008-2012), Emtek (2012-present)
Picture format 576i (SDTV 4:3)
1080i (HDTV 16:9)
Broadcast area Free To Air/Cable/Satellite
Headquarters West Bay, Doha
Formerly called Sky TV Middle East
Fox Series
Sister channel(s) SCTV
O Channel
Fox Movies
FX Middle East
Website Fox
Digital 39 (UHF) DVB-T2
Nilesat 102 11296 H - 27500 - 5/6
Arabsat BADR6 11843 H - 27500 - 3/4
Mozaic TV+ 422
Streaming media
freeTVRadio (Qatar) Free

Fox (formerly Fox Series) was a Middle Eastern version of the American Fox Channel. It launched in 2006. The channel was relaunched as Fox on March 1, 2011. Fox is jointly owned by Elang Mahkota Teknologi.

Background and Reception[edit]

The channel gained a positive following at the start. However, when the network adopted the dubbing policy in Arabic for the entire series, a number of growing Facebook pages emerged demanding the return of the former original language with subtitle approach, some even went through and called for a boycotting by faithful viewers until they are given the option to choose the language. The criticism came as the series displayed the lackluster accents that drained the series from their original voices that the fans were drawn to.

Since 2011 during the Maghrib prayer, shows advertisements locally for viewers outside and in Qatar that uses satellite services. For example, during the prayer, did not shown it; instead, shows many advertisements for viewers in some cities. However, in very rare instance, when is shown on analog or digital television by using SDTV in PAL and DVB-T format picture, the Maghrib prayer is shown. It also available for analog or digital television formatting in several cities.


Name of Series Current Dubbed/Subtitled
Home Shopping Current Dubbed
Nip/Tuck Not Subtitled
Chef Bilal Hodood Not Dubbed
seaQuest DSV Not Subtitled
Crusoe Not Subtitled
ER Current Dubbed
Amazing Stories Not Subtitled
Harry and the Hendersons Not Subtitled
The Simpsons Not Subtitled
Desperate Housewives Not Dubbed
Stargate SG-1 Not Subtitled
CSI: Miami Current Dubbed
CSI: NY Not Dubbed
Brothers & Sisters Not Dubbed
Kyle XY Not Subtitled
Boston Legal Not Subtitled
Firefly Not Subtitled
Ugly Betty Current Dubbed
Mental Not Subtitled
The Listener Not Subtitled
Greek Current Dubbed
According to Jim Current Dubbed
Criminal Minds Not Subtitled
Scrubs Current Dubbed
Ghost Whisperer Current Dubbed
Legend of the Seeker Not Subtitled
Raising the Bar Not Subtitled
Dirt Not Subtitled
Castle Current Dubbed
Lincoln Heights Not Subtitled
Sons of Anarchy Not Subtitled
Samantha Who? Not Subtitled
The Amazing Race Not Subtitled
Gary Unmarried Not Subtitled
Dollhouse Not Subtitled
The Wanda Sykes Show Not Subtitled
America's Funniest Home Videos Not Subtitled
Life on Mars Not Subtitled
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Not Subtitled
The Walking Dead Not Subtitled
Glee Current Dubbed
Lie to Me Not Dubbed
MasterChef Australia Current Dubbed
Jdeed O Mofeed Current Dubbed
Better Off Ted Current Dubbed
Private Practice Current Dubbed
The Ex List Current Dubbed
Modern Family Current Dubbed
Ruby & The Rockits Not Subtitled
Army Wives Current Dubbed

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