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Fox Sports Asia
Fox Sports Logo.png
Launched January 28, 2013
Network Fox International Channels
Owned by 21st Century Fox (through STAR TV and Fox International Channels)
Slogan We Are FOX SPORTS
Broadcast area Hong Kong (channel based in Asia Pacific available: Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, South Korea Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan)
Headquarters Hong Kong
Formerly called ESPN Asia
Replaced ESPN Asia
Sister channel(s) STAR Sports, STAR Cricket
Astro (Malaysia) Channel 812 (SD)
Channel 818 (Fox Sports News)
Channel 832 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
TelkomVision (Indonesia) Channel 332
Indovision (Indonesia) Channel 302 (SD)
Channel 416 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
Macau CATV (Macau) Channel 32
OkeVision (Indonesia) Channel 71
Astro Nusantara (Indonesia) Channel 71
Skylife (South Korea) Channel 58 (Star Sports HD)
TrueVisions (Thailand) Channel 108 (SD)
Channel 136 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
Skynindo (Indonesia) Channel 49 (SD)
Channel 48 (Fox Sports News)
Channel 3 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
G Sat (Philippines) Channel 37 (HD)
Cignal Digital TV (Philippines) Channel 48 (SD)
Channel 121 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
Channel 51 (Fox Sports News)
K+ (Vietnam) Channel 56 (SD)
Channel 74 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
VTC Digital (Vietnam) Channel 60 (SD)
Channel 27 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
CBTV Sat (China) Channel 305
D-Sky (Taiwan) Channel 10
146 Sky-Net (Taiwan) Channel ???
Aora TV (Indonesia) Channel ??? (in SD)
Channel ??? (Fox Sports Plus HD)
One TV (Cambodia) Channel 58
TelkomVision (Indonesia) Channel 332
First Media (Indonesia) Channel 157 (SD)
Channel 300 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
SCTV (Vietnam) Channel 49 (Analog)
Channel 1 (SD Digital)
Channel 3 (HD Digital; Fox Sports Plus HD)
Vietnam cable television (VCTV) (Vietnam) Channel 40
HTVC (Vietnam) Channel 26 (SD)
Channel 10 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
Jogja Medianet (Indonesia) Channel 17
Top TV (Indonesia) Channel 302
SkyCable (Philippines) Channel 31 (Digital)
Channel 86 (Fox Sports News)
Channel 176 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
Destiny Cable (Philippines) Channel 31
Channel 82 (Fox Sports News)
Cablelink (Philippines) Channel 53
Cable Star Iloilo (Iloilo City) Channel 36
Kalibo Cable (Kalibo, Aklan) Channel 35
SPC-New World Cable TV (San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan) Channel 35
Telmarc Cable (Laguna) Channel 37
Parasat Cable TV (Cagayan De Oro City) Channel 32
USATV (Dagupan City, Pangasinan) Channel 20
StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel 208 (SD)
Channel 210 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
Mostly services (Taiwan) Channel 73 (SD)
now TV (Hong Kong) Channel 670 (SD)
Channel 672 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
IndosatM2 (Indonesia) Channel 232
mio TV (Singapore) Channel 114 (SD)
Channel 117 (Fox Sports Plus HD)
M2V Mobile TV (Indonesia) Channel 17
MOD (Taiwan) Channel 178 (Fox Sports Plus HD)

Fox Sports Asia is an Asian cable sports network owned by STAR TV and Fox International Channels. It is the official Asian station of Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and other Asian territories.

On January 28, 2013, ESPN Asia was rebranded into Fox Sports Asia after News Corporation acquired 50% stake of ESPN Star Sports venture from its former co-owner ESPN International.[1][2]

In addition, Fox Sports Plus replaced ESPN HD and Fox Sports News replaced ESPNEWS Asia.

Programs broadcast by Fox Sports Asia[edit]

Broadcast rights for various sports properties contain territorial limitations and in a lot of instances, the rights indicated below may not pertain to all territories in which Fox Sports Asia operates.




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