Foxy Lady

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"Foxy Lady"

German cover
Single by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
from the album Are You Experienced
B-side "Hey Joe" (USA)
Released August 1967
Format 7" 45rpm
Recorded December 13, 1966
Genre Psychedelic rock
Length 3:19
Label Reprise Records
The Jimi Hendrix Experience singles chronology
"Burning of the Midnight Lamp"
"Foxy Lady"
"Up from the Skies"

"Foxy Lady" (or alternatively "Foxey Lady") is a song by the Jimi Hendrix Experience from their 1967 album Are You Experienced. It can also be found on a number of Hendrix's greatest hits compilations, including Smash Hits (1968/1969) and Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix (1997). Rolling Stone magazine placed the song at #152 in their "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" list.

The song is well known for its guitar riff, which alternates between the bass G♭ and its octave, which Hendrix played with his thumb on the second fret, and the ringing E–A dyad at the fifth fret. The bass line is based on the blues scale in G♭, a key more often associated with jazz than rock. The song is one of Hendrix's earliest uses of feedback in a studio recording. It is also known for its use of the so-called "Hendrix chord", the dominant 7#9.

The United States version of Are You Experienced (also released in Canada) listed the song with a spelling mistake as "Foxey Lady"[1] and this is how it is still known among many North American fans and critics today.

The group had difficulties deciding how to end the song. Bass player Noel Redding claimed that the last chord was his suggestion.[2]

Hendrix commented on his own lyrics by saying that he did not approach women in such a straightforward manner as the lyrics might suggest.[2]

The song was used in Wayne's World in a daydream scene where Garth Algar pelvic thrusts his way towards his "dream woman" working at Stan Mikita's Donut Shop.



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