Foy, Belgium

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Foy (pronounced: [foj]) is a village in Belgium, near Bastogne.

Battle of the Bulge[edit]

In World War II, Foy was occupied by German forces during the Battle of the Bulge. The American 101st Airborne Division held the Bois Jacques just outside of town. After being relieved by George S. Patton's Third Army, the 101st retook the town. The assault, spearheaded by Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR, was depicted in the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers.

Battle of Foy[edit]

The 506th was charging towards Foy after being hit by suspected Flak 36s. They lost several men in the initial charge, however, they were still able to take the town despite the losses. The company captured several German prisoners. A remaining, hidden German sniper killed a few of the men after the assault but was quickly discovered and neutralized.[citation needed]

Canadian role[edit]

On January 2, 1945, the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion was assigned to patrolling duties and to aid defence. They took part in the general advance passing the towns of Aye, Marche, Foy, and Bande. Their participation ended after the Allies captured Bande. During the operation, the unit sustained a few casualties in their active combat role. They were the only Canadians to take part in the Ardennes Offensive.

Coordinates: 50°02′45″N 5°44′55″E / 50.04583°N 5.74861°E / 50.04583; 5.74861